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How do I find or get the Daily exclusive items?

  • Thread starter DeletedUser5238
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been looking all over map for the crystal unicorn and only thing I see is a snow man that I am assuming was the first day Daily exclusive or do you have to find get them some other way I am very new to this game


The daily exclusive offer is listed in the snow flurry event box, where it lists how many snowflakes you have.
There will be a picture of the item, and how much time is left for the offer.

Only crystals are spread out around the town. I think the snowman is just coincidental decoration.


If you win a daily exclusive, where can you find them? I was told I won the Father candy cane tree but I'm at a loss as to where it is.


At the bottom of your screen is a little pouch icon for your spells, pull that up and it'll have a tab for prize buildings as well. Anything you win you should find there.


Oh Thank you. I would never have thought to look there :)