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This is what I do for an event, I have a whole bunch of lv1 workshops with groceries for the quests, and a lot of tier 1 manufacturers for the quests.

The Unbeliever

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Turds Towns don't mean nearly as much anymore in events themselves, since the devs have all but removed the production quests...
...on the other hand, the sheer amount of "gain relics", "encounters and/or tournament encounters", "encounters and/or spire encounters", "gain vision vapors", is now off the charts.

I really wish they'd come up with a better balance between production quests vs. these others, since we've simply gone from one extreme to the exact opposite. (ie: used to be at least 20-30% more "finish X production Y times" quests)
The real downside being that now, events are ALOT! less friendly to early game players who don't have the sizable relic stores to produce the 'oodles of CC's that events are now demanding.

Throwing in multiple 24hr workshop production quests, and much higher numbers of 3hr/9hr goods quests would still slow things down for anyone who's in the middle of a guest race.
Putting back in some of the (heinous!) "produce 80-100+ 5min workshop productions" will slow down all but the largest Turd Towns.

Other alternative quest ideas could be formatted to include things like "Scout/Research, OR, gain X Mana/Orks", "Recruit X units, OR, gain Y Mana/Seeds", etc...


They also need to include a lot more of basic aspects of the game such as trading and polishing. A little more on upgrading buildings use of the MA (careful on that one). Stuff for those of us just getting started. Also would be nice to have a grand prize as an expansion, but that's another subject.


Mathematician par Excellence
Once upon a time I used to actually write guides on how to pre-set an entire city to finish 30 day events in 20 minutes.
Now I find that 4-8 extra level 1 workshops and 4-8 level 1 marbles does the trick and with zero planning you hit the locked quests in a few days, and those complete themselves through normal play.
If you're willing to use 1 spire-week's worth of timer instants in each event you can blow past the whole thing in a day.


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Not exactly @SoggyShorts with 20 minutes to finish, but I wanted to see if I could finish the sequential quests before the first locked quest spawned. Pre-set all the productions I could in one city and was prepared to use time boosts as well (should have kept up with how many I used, but too late now). Logged on about 8 hrs before game day reset on Tuesday and reached the locked quests 6hrs 45min later. I did use 50 diamonds to flip the crafting recipes once (and I'll need to use another 50 to reset to my schedule). Also, my regular schedule for setting out boost bldgs each week is messed up...again. But I get 3 wks of no pressure to do anything but putter around building my city. Really welcome break.