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Improve Fellowship Event Motivation


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
It is much more difficult for small FS but it is like that with every thing, the bigger you are,(FS or city) the wider range of possibilities you have.
FS with only high chapter cities will be slowed by bracelets. The higher the chapter, the more T1’s are needed to finish the bracelet badge. Small cities can sneeze and pop 3 bracelets out. FS with only small cities will be slowed by farmers/blacksmiths due to lack of space for workshops. Ideally, your FS has a mix of both and people working together :)


Well-Known Member
overall, I would have to say that changes in the rewards would be most effective in increasing participation. with the League system being added, getting extra artifacts is really only of concern to lower level peeps who had difficulty getting enough for a full evolve.
so, either change the reward for leagues (my preference, really) or change the rewards for the FA. Doing artifacts for both… meh.

Sky Hawk

New Member
Unless you are lacking that 1 or 2 last artifact for the previous event evolved building, the rewards are just not worth it.

a building giving 1 knowledge point every 24h, for 2 squares on the map? It's nice I guess, but the tournament gives better.

which also makes those ancient knowledge rewards this side of a joke. 3 points? really?

and 10 minute hourglasses? the spire gives far better.

The ferris wheel is fun, but again, it's time limited, and you can get what it gives, from the tournament, or the spire, or the magic academy. Is it worth the work involved? probably not.

Unless your fellowship REALLY cares about ranking, the only real reason to do these is "because it's there".

I think you would want to generate more excitement about fellowship events than that.

Also, it also has a very clear bias to higher level players who can potentially clear space to place generating "farms" of buildings.

I also really do not like the pool. up until that point, you have a choice of 3 paths which give the opportunity to cross paths if you wish.

The pool is a bottleneck.

I also was not happy that certain buildings that used to be personal solo achievement quest lines - like Menhirok - are now only gainable through fellowship quests.

I can understand if the issue is trying to create an event that has to work and be somewhat "balanced" both for heavily active fellowships and for casual fellowships. But I honestly dunno if that is truly possible.

I think a hard look should be taken at what is required and how much is required for each of the paths in each of the tiers. And then the subsequent reward for that work

I also think one of the paths should be clear of the 24h and 48h items. Those are a killer for casual players or for those whose fellowship members do not all participate (or for those who do not have the space to create "farms" of buildings).

To balance that, I would presume that what is needed of the other things in the path would be increased.

Anyway, just a few thoughts.


Well-Known Member
very clear bias to higher level players who can potentially clear space to place generating "farms" of buildings.
i would disagree with that. at higher chapters it is far less likely that you'd be between chapters with a lot of open space. so unless you have a lot of teleports available (and are willing to use them all up) more than likely you aren't farming in big numbers.

Sky Hawk

New Member
While I can appreciate that that is your experience, that hasn't been what I have seen.

For one thing, the onset of fellowship events are very predictable. Since you know when they are coming, you can plan for them.

Also, it's simply a matter of having more town space potentially available. A higher level player simply just has more potential squares available than a lower level player.

Yes, you may need to make a choice for how to do it on your town map, but lower level players, due to not having as much space (even if their buildings are smaller) just don't have as broad of options.

Sky Hawk

New Member
It occurs to me that my post goes a bit afield of the original posters suggestion.

If a moderator would like to, they are of course welcome to split my posts to a separate suggestion/feedback thread.