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Invisible Dryads

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
Not sure if this is supposed to happen or it may be a glitch. I took my Dryads on the battlefield to give them some training practice. All I saw were their squad numbers but their little green bodies were invisible. Has anyone else experienced this?


Happens to me very often with any unit. I normally have to close my browser and window and reload the game.


Oh Wise One
The good news is you can reload mid-battle without quitting or any loss. When the game resumes it brings up a window about the battle and asks you if you would like to resume the fight. I think it also gives a surrender option too.


What browser are you using. Invisible units seem to appear if I have been connected for quite some time. A browser refresh usually fixes it.

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
I've tried everything Russio. Cleared my browser and cache. Even tried another browser. Nothing works. I am using Windows 10's browser, Microsoft Edge. Even Internet Explorer did not make the Dryads appear. They are the only unit that has a problem displaying on my laptop. I saw a box to check for Hardware Acceleration. I checked that box but I still do not see them on the battlefield. All I see is the amount of units in their squad.