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Nyna Luxisys

Active Member
We are looking for at least 2 new members maybe more. May consider a merge with another group if they have some wanting to really get that 10th chest. We been averaging 5-7 lately and since everyone got the free house I am trying to get blueprints if possible for free.


If you would like to join our fellowship, and meet these requests, please message Pebblespei, or any of our mages.

We look forward to having fun together!

Nyna Luxisys

Active Member
Nevermind they saw I was looking for a new FS and upon seeing the post not even letting me speak as to why, removed me. So to edit how Pebbles put the above for the truth.
It's mainly run by Pebbles and she don't talk to all her members all the time. Absent or most of every week due to work.
Cath is her go to since she finally returned. She also snitches w/o a screen shot if she thinks the chat is sour. Does not have to be you talking to her.
As for helping the smalls, HAHAHA you might get some stuff if you seem eager and ask openly, but as for info and chat forget it. Once past your intro days it ill become a recluse of main members from old who wish to talk only to themselves. You will know them with a titled name.

As for me my post was simply asking for a new FS geared to making 10 tourney boxes. I was mostly polite in asking, but did add in how this FS dropped from 7-8 daily to 5-6 daily. So sliding back after the free houses, I can't see them making a 10 ever.