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Implemented Link to forum


Hi there, since Elvenar is only available on an US server, it would be great, if you could link to the forum in the game or when you make a pop up screen stating, that we should look up something in the forum (competition). When I go to the German website, no Elvenar Forum is to be found. So please include a link for all foreign players. Cheer!


There is a link to forum ingame. To view the link ingame all you have to do is right click on your mouse and it brings up Support/Forum ect...



It seems to me that clicking on the gear, in the lower right corner of your city screen, and then clicking on the ? icon,
would also take you to the forum/support popup associated with that world.

That's how it works for Beta1 and World1, anyway. I don't have a way to test the other venues, but I'd expect a similar result.


Seriously?! Thanks Katwijk I had no idea it was there I rarely use help buttons I may never had seen it. :p


Cheers, I never thought of looking under support when I wanted to find the forum. For me these are two different things :)