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Loading issues

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
It's all Inno markets, so I don't think so

Weird. I don't see any posts about the servers on either Beta or EN. Are you sure it was not just US this time?

By the way, they pulled another surprise on you. The game updated to version 1.131 today also, instead of waiting until Thursday, but they did not tell you to post the update thread for it. Or at least mobile updated early. I wonder if the update did this?


Well-Known Member
I wonder if some of this might have to do with the CDN outage yesterday. I changed my DNS to (google) yesterday and didn't have trouble today after I cleared my cache and restarted my computer (which would have made it to go out and get all the data fresh).


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
My EN cities loaded fine.

I nearly filed a bug report on Beta though, got 2 out of 5 for the dark blue screen, one pic icon on the left and the mouse circled the screen independent of user input.

Ceravyn and Win are fine.


Well-Known Member
Not until this thread did I realize another mobile update became available. Mine is still running 1.130 but it has ability to update to 1.131. Has there been a connection between this update and some of the problems I'm hearing about? I haven't been experiencing anything out of the ordinary, but maybe its because I'm not updated? So, therefore, should I even update it?
Safe to update to 1.131 or hold until the next after 1.131 comes out?

(for reasons not important here, I have auto updates turned off on my Android mobile. If I could have selected specific apps that are allowed to auto update, this is likely to have been one of them, but apparently it is all or nothing. I've been getting in the habit of checking for Elvenar updates weekly now, just in case, but this one came out less than a week from last so it wasn't on my radar at all)

(I go back and forth between Android mobile and Chrome on Macbook. Cities: Arendyll and Winyandor)


Well-Known Member
I'm running 1.131 as of this afternoon on android and not having an issue on the en server. It is interesting that the software also claims to be (us 1.130) at the same time so something is out of wack. Only city is on Ceravyn.


Well-Known Member
Keep getting ”server maintenance, wait 30 seconds or try again”. I play on an iPad, but getting same message in my iPhone. Other apps work fine. anyone else having problem?


Well-Known Member
There was significant down time this morning, probably to load the new Season of Dreams feature. Appears to be working fine now.