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Open Main Hall vanished when upgrading


Well-Known Member
I clicked to upgrade to level 5 and it went >poof<

Access details:
Version: v1.134.2-(8655218) - html5 (2021-07-21 14:49)
World: Harandar
Browser: Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit)
OS: Win 10 64 Home
Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600
Account name: OIM20
Reproducibility: 1/5 (happened once)

Active quests:
  • Elvarian Games #26
  • "The Magic Academy"
  • "Solve Encounters in the World"
Current situation: Main Hall vanished when attempting to upgrade. Reappeared upon refreshing browser.

Expected situation: Main Hall should not disappear due to graphic change.

Reproduction steps:
-Begin Main Hall upgrade from level 4 to level 5

non-quest, non-standard variables:
event building "Leviathan Ferry" adjacent to Main Hall​
event building "Seahorse Monument" within grid lines 19-20 to Main Hall​
Main Hall situated at grid location 20-26 (from Spire-side edge) by 16-21 (from cliff-face edge)​

24 07 2021 MH.jpg
24 07 2021 MH_b.jpg

Also, I saw this thread from last month and didn't know if perhaps it was a similar situation?


Oh Wise One
I had this happen with my Dragon Ark yesterday. I hit upgrade, the building disappeared.
I clicked on the empty space, the info came up I used timers to speed the upgrade.
The building appeared.

I was also experiencing a lot of lag yesterday so blamed it on that.

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
I've had this happen, though as Helya mentioned a refresh will bring it back. It's also showing for me when I visit.


Well-Known Member
Does it return when you refresh?
Yes, ma'am. And it's been fully upgraded now. Still, it shouldn't have vanished just because the graphic changed (since the graphics do change while buildings are being constructed).


Beloved Ex-Team Member
That usually happens with a hiccup in the internet connection, which is why a refresh restores it. I asked because we do have a bug where sometimes players will manage to place a building over a road or other item, and it will become invisible. This requires some additional help from support.