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Message to Self - Event Log


Today I thought of sending myself a message titled Event Log where I could log entries such as starting new chapter, or any milestone I wanted to log. It would be analogous to Captain's Log in StarTrek.
Busted, you cannot send a message to yourself. I wish they could add message to yourself as a feature. Of course I could just write it done on a piece of paper, but it wouldn't be the same...


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You could start a thread for everyone to post when they start a new chapter, or if they bested a personal high mark on a tourney. Then they can all look back at the thread whenever they want to. Call it "Personal Accomplishments" or whatever. I'll bet people would love to post on it. (Heck, if you don't do it within the next week, I will, lol. Better you since you thought of it!)


You have my blessing to co-op my Event Log idea and turn it into a Log Blog for everyone. I like your idea to call it Personal Accomplishments, or maybe Personal Accomplishment Log Blog...
Venar-El might be right to keep it out of Ideas and Suggestions,
Let me know where it is and lets all have fun with it...
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