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Mykans Guide - Fighting guide


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There are a lot of wonders that boost different military aspects or provide free troops. I have 2 towns one with and one without wonders and the ones boosting your military do make a difference. Some of the wonders I have started comparing in my wonder section of the guide. I still need to do more in the military space but check in there from time to time.

Note that wonders that produce units or increase training size can be handy in the production of military and save you lots of supplies.
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It's tough to give blanket answers. It depend on your space and goals and level of your Barracks among other things. If your barracks often run dry overnight, the Dwarven Bulwark allows you to train a lot more at once. It can be better than an extra armory, and turns out some light troops every three hours for free. Similarly, the Shrine of Shrewdy Shrooms bumps up your training size and gives you archers free every three hours.


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The only other question I have right now is Ancient Wonders... I have Needles of the Tempest, The only other ones that seem to help the most are Martial Monastery, and Heroes Forge, but space is limited, and Needles was pushing it for the worth. But it does not seem worth building any others.
I consider the Martial Monastery to be the most important military wonder in my city. The increase in health definitely improves troop survival. If you have one of your squads trading blows with one enemy squad that tiny health bonus makes a very big difference. Your troops can handle stronger enemies and you have smaller losses which reduces training costs.

The Needles is the one I consider second most important. Heavy tournament activity can eat 10 squads a day. The speed bonus from the Needles is what allows my barracks to keep up. There is another wonder later (Flying Academy) that gives a similar speed bonus to the Mercenary Camp. I won't consider that wonder to be of equal value until more of the camp troops have promotion techs.

And, one more small thing... The buildings that help fighting, and then are gone in 5 days or whatever... I could be wrong, but they don't seem worth it either.
They can be beneficial for tournaments. Train a large number of squads of the right units for a future tournament. Drop 4 of those buildings on day 1 and then fight out to 20 provinces for as many rounds as you can. Think of it this way, if you drop 2 damage enhancers and 4 health enhancers, then you have effectively doubled your squad size. Having your squad size doubled means fighting on round 6 of the tournament would still be easy because their squad size would be about 75% of your effective squad size out to some silly number of provinces.

Eks Edrin

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Another question... why don't the enemy troops degrade like mine, or are they part of a bigger pool of enemies, and the more I loose the ones I kill will start to show up?


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Enemy squads don't degrade. It is more like a puzzle whose difficulty is fixed when you scout and then you find different ways to solve the puzzle or just "buy" your way past it. Combat difficulty is designed to provide a soft cap on exploration, they just haven't provided the same for negotiating except for orcs in chapter 8 and only then for those prior to orcs.


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for some reason, the photos in the first post are not showing for me
Something has gone wonky (note my really informed technical vocabulary here) with images in a couple of @Mykan 's guide threads. I know he was working on fixing them. He got a couple fixed pretty quick but some of the others may take more time.