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Hello New and VERY lonely !!!


Well-Known Member
The best thing to do is research for a fellowship. Find one that needs your boosts and fits your general needs, and then ask to join. Check out Elvenstats if you narrow down your search for a fellowship, to see how active the members are. If they are active and need your boosts, you'll likely have automatic camaraderie there. Good luck!


Well-Known Member
Welcome @Spanky76 Joining the forum is a great start! The lounge is a fun place to hang out and join the conversation. Joining a fellowship is the easiest way, for sure...check out the part of the forum where fellowships on your specific world are looking for players, or post something in the players looking for a fs threads. Here is the link to elvenstats that Darielle suggested. It's a great site to get to know.


New Member
Just started and not making friends very easily, anyone have suggestions? Lol.
I have one seat left in our fellowship, A Band of Gypsies. You can read our Overview to see what we are about. If you want to try us out, the seat is yours. You can always leave if you want via the "Leave" button on the overview page. Use your envelope below your Icon to request an invitation from the archmage, Ivenl. I can promise the seat to be available for a limited time, so please do not delay if interested.


Well-Known Member
Hi @Spanky76 and welcome. You will mke friends soon. Welcome to the forum!
Fellowships are good and visiting your neighbrs may help too. Don't be afraid to ask questions . Everone here is happy to help.