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Hello Newbie

Sir Squirrel

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Thanks everyone for the appreciation of my signatures!! I am glad to help!

Welcome catlady3 , I hope you are enjoying the game!

Here are some helpful links to help you get to know the game a little better.

The wiki on the first page of the forum has a lot of good info.

Gems of knowledge is a great place to find info for the game and events as well.

Elvenstats is a great place to see your in game stats and your fellowships stats also.

Elvenarchitect is the place to play with your city layout before you reorganize your city for real.

Happy gaming!!
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Sinya Arda? I think thats the name.
catlady, depending upon how much you play, you might like Comic Opera. They are a more casual group than I need (I'm on here 6x a day), but for players who are new and learning and can't be here too many times a day, the people there are the best for helping new players. The AM, Elisa, is a very kind-hearted soul who would be happy to have you. It's a stress-free environment (I actually thrive on stress, so I did move on, but I really love the people there.) Just FYI.