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News from Discord - May Contain Info!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Actually a 2nd fully evolved Steam Golem would be useful for most cities now. A stage 10 Steam Golem gives a combining catalyst daily, which is actually now a great benefit since the change to AW update costs. And Steam Golem is also an Unurium source for high level cities. I'll be putting a 2nd Steam Golem in all of my advanced cities that win enough artifacts to fully evolve it. And I hope to win 1 more artifact for it in the baby city (currently have 8 artifacts for it there).
You're right, but I rarely win two bases in any event, and once that event is gone, it's gone. The only one I have a second base for currently in storage is astral, and no chance to win a second steam ever. Of course, they'll probably bring it out for $79 sometime and I'll snap it up (rolls eyes).

I am just so frustrated with this game right now. I am short three artifacts on the new evolving building and I swear I can't remember buying any artifacts. I really wanted this new building and I don't need any artifacts at all except for astral, and I checked ... I don't have more of those, so I don't know where they could have been spent. Probably some stupid artifact that I have a zillion of ... might have clicked on a time instant and hit the button next to it without noticing. I'm always in a rush nowadays because of my job. But it's sickening when you see something like that happen and no way to reverse it. :mad:

I guess they'll show up in a million years in the spire. But at least the astral are coming to the spire. I always win a gazillion artifacts that I don't need there, so hopefully I'll do the same with astral.


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Look for the Sale in the game and you should be able to buy base and artifact(s). Also selling the tomes for the Phoenix Artifact set


Set Designer

Anonglitch03/28/2024 at 5:06 AM​

Dear Humans and Elves, The realm of Elvenar is about to expand once more with the much-anticipated arrival of Chapter 22! With the incredible journey we've experienced in Chapter 21, we're sure many of you are brimming with questions and curiosity about what's to come. Here's your chance to get those burning questions answered directly by one of our Game Designers! Wondering about the storyline, characters, or what adventures await your city? Now is the time to ask. Please head over to our dedicated channel ⁠[link removed] and let us know what you're most curious about after the cliffhanger conclusion of Chapter 21 with an impending flood on the horizon. We're all ears and excited to hear from you! We'll be gathering some of your most intriguing questions and forwarding them to our Game Designer. He'll then prepare an exclusive blog post filled with insights, sneak peeks, and some cool information directly answering your questions. Chapter 22 is approaching we can't wait to explore it with you!


Set Designer

Anonglitch03/29/2024 at 7:13 AM​

Hi everyone! Brace yourselves! From April 4th to April 10th we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards! There'll be new rewards:

Map 1​

  • Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points 15
  • Carting Library
  • Time Booster 10m (x10)

Map 2​

  • Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points 20 (x2)
  • Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom*
  • Time Booster 30m (x15)

Map 3​

  • Ferris Wheel Galore
  • Sorcerer Trials Artifact
  • Time Booster 45m (x25)

Contents of Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom:​

  • Pilgrim's Manor Set pieces (7 pieces)
  • Royal Restoration (x8)
This round of the Fellowship Adventures ends on April 10th. Your thoughts are also always welcome in the chat: [link removed] Thank you for your help and assistance!


Set Designer

Solaris - US04/01/2024 at 3:32 AM​

Chapter of Celestial Encounters​

We know that Chapter 22 is upon us, but we want to give you a glimpse of what you can expect in the coming chapters in Elvenar, are you ready?! Chapter of Celestial Encounters Welcome to the Chapter of Celestial Encounters in Elvenar, where the realms of Elves, Humans and Extraterrestrial beings intertwine in an unprecedented fusion of magic and technology!


In this chapter, Elvenar opens its gates to mysterious visitors from distant galaxies. As the Elves and Humans explore the cosmos, they encounter enigmatic alien civilizations, forging alliances, unraveling cosmic secrets, and facing new challenges.

Key Features:​

  1. Alien Settlements: Build unique alien settlements within your city, each with its own advanced technologies, architectural styles, and cultural quirks. Interact with alien ambassadors and delve into their rich lore to unlock powerful bonuses and advancements.
  2. Celestial Expeditions: Embark on celestial expeditions to explore distant planets, moons, and space anomalies. Uncover hidden treasures, encounter strange creatures, and establish trade routes with alien civilizations to enrich your city.
  3. Galactic Trade: Establish trade agreements with alien factions to exchange exotic resources, advanced technologies, and rare resources. Expand your economy and unlock exclusive upgrades to enhance your city’s prosperity.
  4. Spaceport: Build a majestic spaceport to facilitate interstellar travel and trade. Customize your spaceport with futuristic designs and cutting-edge facilities to accommodate spacecraft from across the galaxy.
  5. Guardians of the Stars: Train elite celestial guardians to protect your city from cosmic threats and hostile invasions. Harness ancient magic and advanced weaponry to defend against extraterrestrial adversaries.
  6. New Cosmic Ancient Wonders: Discover cosmic wonders hidden within the depths of space, such as Cosmic Temple and Celestial Phenomena. Unravel the mysteries of the universe and harness their power to elevate your civilization to new heights.
  7. Interstellar Diplomacy: Engage in diplomatic relations with diverse alien factions, negotiate treaties, and forge alliances to secure peace and prosperity for your people. Navigate complex interstellar politics and build a network of allies across the galaxy.


Embark on an epic journey beyond the stars in the Chapter of Celestial Encounters. Embrace the wonders of the cosmos, forge alliances with alien civilizations, and lead your city to a new era of enlightenment and prosperity. Are you ready to explore the unknown and unveil the secrets of the universe? We are happy to hear your feedback in the dedicated feedback channel: ⁠[link removed]. Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team (edited)


Set Designer

Solaris - US03/27/2024 at 9:52 AM​

Autumn Zodiac Event Survey​

Dear Humans and Elves, Help shape this year’s Autumn Zodiac Event! Click the following link and choose from 3 beautiful constellations: https://forms.office.com/e/zge2gY7nSt?origin=lprLink Your vote matters! Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team

Anonglitch04/02/2024 at 5:56 AM​

Dear Humans and Elves, The survey for the Zodiac Event is over and the results are in! We got almost 22500 votes (!) but it was quite tight:
  • Winner: Qilin with 8199 votes
  • 2nd place: Dragonsnail with 8067 votes
  • 3rd place: Moonbunny with 6159 votes
Thank you everybody for participating in this survey! Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team (edited)

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Set Designer

Anonglitch04/08/2024 at 5:27 AM​

Happy 9th Elvenar Anniversary!​

Hi lovely Elvenar Community! We're thrilled to share with you that we're kicking off our 9th Anniversary celebrations a bit early this year! You might be wondering, "Why the early celebration?" Well, in the past, we marked the occasion a bit later than the actual opening of our first market. But it was on April 8th, 2015, that the first players embarked on their Elvenar journeys in our US market. We've got several exciting contests planned throughout this month, both here on Discord and on Social Media, so make sure to keep an eye out! Let's make this celebration a memorable one together! In the meantime, don't forget to claim your Anniversary reward in-game! Thank you for your incredible support over these years. Here's to many more! With gratitude, Your Elvenar Team (edited)


Set Designer

Anonglitch04/08/2024 at 5:13 AM​

Hi everyone!

Version 1.196​

It will go live on the EN servers from April 9th and all other servers from April 11th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week. Improvements
  • We have added an info button in the Tomes to check each Evolution Building's stages.
  • The Spire Tab has been improved and now shows previous rounds' results (this will be activated next Wednesday, April 17th).
Some bugs have been fixed
  • The last Event milestone was not collectible for players who completed all chapter quests in the latest chapter, now that it is fixed.
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented displaying the bonus granted by the constructs islands set.
  • Using Instants and Tomes, made them receive the tag "new", now it works properly and the tag is added only when you get something new.
  • The display Feeding Effect of Storm Phoenix has been fixed and now displays the correct numbers.
  • We've fixed an issue that prevented the completion of the quest when the requirements were met, the quest accepted only boosted good manufactories, now it works properly and it is finished with all basic manufactories.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.
Additional changes
  • From now on all players will have the same rewards for the Video Ads.
Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback on the changes by leaving a comment in: [link removed] Thank you for your help and assistance!


Set Designer

Anonglitch04/11/2024 at 5:45 AM​

Hi everyone! We have a new Event coming up!

Buzzing Spring - On EN from April 18th​

In the whispering woods, where the Flower Goblin calls home, something magical stirs. His garden, usually so familiar, is suddenly sprouting flowers that seem to grow overnight, dancing to an invisible tune. Above this lively dance of blooms and leaves, a deep buzzing sound captures his attention, leading him away from his floral sanctuary and towards the dense woods. Following this mysterious melody, the Flower Goblin stumbles upon an epic sight—the Grand Hive, buzzing with life and twice as tall as the tallest oak. His eyes widen; his green thumbs tingle. This isn't just any hive. It's the stuff of legend, the kind that beekeepers whisper about around campfires. With a skip in his step and a heart full of bravery (or is it just reckless goblin curiosity?), he tiptoes to the Hive's majestic archway, eager to meet these buzzing builders. Are you ready for a romp into the unknown? Tag along with the Flower Goblin, peek into the Grand Hive, and discover a world abuzz with secrets and magnificence! Main Prize: A set building consisting of 6 pieces. The set buildings produce Culture, Population, and Spell Fragments, Vitality Surge 10% units or Ascended Goods depending on the buildings. A new questline approach! Some of the quests have been tailored to fit player chapters. This means that players from different chapters will encounter different quests in certain places. This event will also feature the Leagues system and the Royal Prize Pass. https://innogam.es/OX_BuzzingSpring_1 We're happy to hear your feedback on the dedicated channel: ⁠[link removed] Spring Event We always appreciate all your comments! Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team (edited)


Set Designer

Anonglitch04/22/2024 at 5:16 AM​

Hi everyone!

Version 1.197​

It will go live on the EN servers from April 23rd and all other servers from April 25th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week. Improvements We have added a new Spire tab, showing the previous Spire's rewards. Some bugs have been fixed
  • Some quests that require upgrading "Basic Manufactories" now accept any type of manufactory.
  • [Quest 71490-Traders of Unur] Tournament Encounters now also count towards the requirements.
  • The tooltip in Cauldron always showed 1 as the level of active effect, now it works properly.
  • When the players were canceling the construction of a level 1 Ancient Wonder, a wrong pop-up was shown on mobile.
  • The Feeding Effect display of the Storm Phoenix displayed wrong numbers, now it works as intended on mobile.
  • We fixed a bug that cut off some of the names of event rewards on mobile. (for all nonenglish markets)
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.
Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback on the changes by leaving a comment in: [link removed] Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team


Set Designer

Anonglitch04/25/2024 at 4:47 AM​

The Season of Triumph starts on April 29th.​

The Season of Triumph will come to give you the chance to gain rewards by completing daily and weekly quests over a long time! Similarly to the previous Seasons, you will have 75 days, to collect Season Petals from daily and weekly quests. Collecting Season Petals will let you progress on the reward lane and reach waypoints. The new reward is Aqua Weaver. The quests of the Seasons can be completed as part of your daily routine of playing the game, over the passing of several events! This means that the Season enables you to gain a lot of rewards by simply playing Elvenar regularly. The quests may also encourage you to explore different areas of the game. Feel free to comment in our feedback thread here: ⁠[link removed] Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team.


Set Designer

Solaris - US04/29/2024 4:32 AM​

Hello everyone!

Important Update​

  • For all players using Android devices to play via our Android and Amazon apps, please be informed that from 31 July 2024 on, it will be required to use a device with Android version 7.1.1 or higher to continue playing Elvenar.
This measure is necessary for retaining the game quality and ensuring a smooth experience for all players. This change means that from 31 July 2024 on, we will no longer offer updates to our game app for Android versions lower than 7.1.1, and it will not be possible to continue playing. To ensure that you do not run into any issues, please ensure that the Android version on your device is at least 7.1.1 before the end of July. Newer Android versions are unaffected by this change, as are our iOS and Browser versions. For any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team. Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team.


Set Designer

Anonglitch05/03/2024 at 5:13 AM​

Dwarven Event - Building Productions Survey​

Dear Humans and Elves, Would you like to help us decide the productions for this year's Dwarven Event Building? Click the link below and vote for your favorite options! https://innogam.es/Dwarven_Survey_1 As always, we greatly appreciate your contributions, so big thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team. (edited)


Set Designer

Anonglitch05/03/2024 at 8:07 AM​

Hi everyone!

Version 1.198​

It will go live on the EN servers from May 7th and all other servers from May 9th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.


Rewards will be displayed in the Perks tab tooltip of the Fellowship overview when they're maxed out.

Some bugs have been fixed​

We have fixed the language for some words. (NO only) Minor bugs have been fixed. Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback on the changes by leaving a comment in: [link removed]. Thank you for your help and assistance!


Set Designer

Solaris - US05/09/2024 at 4:38 AM​

Adjustments to the Spire of Eternity Rewards​

Dear Humans and Elves, On May 12th, the reward dataset for the Spire of Eternity will be adjusted for the next 6 weeks. Changes:
  • The Astral Phoenix will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity.
  • The Juul's Traveling Kitchen Artifacts and a craftable building will be phased in instead.
  • The Steam Golem Artifacts will also be phased in for crafting.
Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team