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Orc Strategists? How to use.


New Member
Just received a 'Grounds of the Orc Strategists' from Winter Magic. What is it and how do I use it?
I'm about to enter chapter IV and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Oh Wise One
@Bushby22 It is a 2x4 building. It will give you a decent amount of culture and will make Orc Strategists. These are the heavy range troops which you will eventually be able to make in your Training Ground. They are good troops. Even though you have not yet unlocked them in the tech tree, the Grounds of Orc Strategist building will still work for you. Grounds of Orc Strategist will also periodically appear in your Magic Academy as a crafting option.


New Member
Building on what Henroo said,
Grounds of the Orc Strategists (gotos) is the only way (that I know of) to get Orc Strategists before Chapter 8.
You just need to place it in the city, and it will produce the units automatically every 6 hours. Similar to the residence, mechanics-wise.

I built gotos (and valorian valor) every time it is available in the magic academy, and I had 5 of them when I reached Chapter 8.
I would build new gotos and replace the old ones when I reach a new chapter, rather than using royal restorations.
Playing as Human, Orc Strategists is an excellent troop against light range units.
Barbarian is not that strong, and Mortar is very fragile.