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Politically Incorrect AM Seeking the Crazies of Elvenar for NKA


Active Member
Greetings and happy post-Thanksgiving bloat!

I led an alliance for over 5 years over at Game of Thrones Ascent and, TBH, I am not impressed by much of the leadership in THIS game. It's either too lenient or too stupidly strict/OCD. Or riddled with second and third accounts to fill out a roster. I have 5 useless accounts manning NKA as I set out to see the world but always came back to NKA. This recruitment for NKA is taking place in Elcysandor, Arendyll and more casually, Ceravyn. So will be duplicated in the forums.

I know this is a teensy FS but at least there are some goodies and ways to get more out of it and hopefully, grow large enough to get the GOOD rewards. Fellowships stink when they have irritating people or lousy/unfocused/overloaded leadership. (MY opinion is not necessarily another’s). I know - I've quit or have been booted by many and labeled troublesome in those fellowships. No, I'm just catching the shortcomings that are never discussed beforehand or certainly NOT in chat, lol. "Do it privately", to create the illusion of perfect harmony. LOL, uhhh, no. There would be no “drama” if fellowships did what they said and meant. (Let the comments begin!)...

Keep in mind, I WELCOME chat about politics. I am politically INCORRECT. Interested in people's thoughts. I want only active people, that will probably be here every day and have a passion for the game (and pretty scenery)! I am a Northern Yankee, if that means anything to you...

Come on over. At least check it out, see if it suits you and grab a little conversation if you're so inclined. I am retired from the job, in limbo musically so, this is my focus for the last year and a half or so. I am just now actively recruiting people for test runs, with no obligation to stay if does not suit you.

I am NOT interested in your grandchildren, I have my own. I am a musician so I welcome all fellow musicians and lovers of Monty Python and Mel Brooks.

Should this interest you, there's always cookies and brownies at 4:20... ;)

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