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Put more squads in the field.


I would like to see us be able to put more than 5 squads in the field at one time. I found one encounter that I had to face 8 squads. Granted the squad sizes were a lot less that the ones that I put in the field but allowing more than 5 squads would allow for more strategy in encounters.

You could possibly tie the increase in the number of allowable squads to squad size upgrades. Every 4 upgrades, say, would add an allowable squad.

That would go a long way toward leveling the playing field.


After the first few initial rounds you'll always have 5 squads. Your opponent will have from a few LARGE squads to more SMALLER squads.

The variety requires you to use different tactics.
  • Against a few LARGE squads, you can swarm them because SOME of your troops won't even get hit.
  • Against a lot of smaller units, you have to put a heavy unit out front to take the multiple hits per turn, and play defensively until you can pick off some of the opposing squads.


Hello. I a on a quest that I need to win 5 battles but I can't even win 1. I do not have any heavy units yet I just started. How do you move them and how do they fight? When I place them, they are facing the wrong way and they always get killed. I don't know what to do. Do anyone have any suggestions?


I was wondering, what level will the game allow a 6th squad to encounter a battle ?