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Reverse Portals and New Races


This is off the top of my head. Just blue-skying a bit. Happy to put more thought into it if anyone finds any of it interesting. These are not quick enhancements to help clean-up the current game. These are major game expansion ideas.

Everyone is always fighting for space and functioning in exactly the same city/environment. How about we explore future story-lines that allow players to move through the portal to set up city extensions in the visiting race environments.

For example: Dwarves – go through the portal into the Mountain and build a new city undergournd. New buildings, new production, new culture, new income, new adventure, a new look, and all in addition to your current city contributing to your production and above and below-ground trading. Players could branch their game into these environments if they so desired to spice things up a bit.

Fairies – a new environment in the clouds or down among the grass

Wood Elves – A new environment deep in the forrest and up in the trees

Dragons – in caves and on the mountain tops. Sorcerers – inside castles and on the battlements

Giants – a new race on the mountain sides and edges of canyons.

Mermaids – New race, on our side – provide benefits that come from water and sea-life and sea values. Reverse portal - under water cities, totally new types of valuable goods and way of life. This one goes well with the idea of water features bringing culture, supplies, and aesthetics to the city and using them as a portal to and from the Merfolk. Benefits both city-sides

Possibly able to open doors to evil races by choice or close those doors for people who love their fighting and gains through military conquest.

Again - obviously not the small fixes or Monday enhancements. Just thinking about building the long-term interest in the game.

Ready set discuss.

Have a great day!

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I like this idea, but it almost seems like a the whole game would have to be re-built. The current races are probably stuck the way they are. What a ruckus it would create if it were to change while someone was in the middle of a chapter. ;)

Maybe this kind of thing could work for the new races coming up? It would solve a lot of problems. It has been pointed out that, folks would like to see a difference between the humans and elves again. So leaving your regular city the way it is, and connecting to a different space for the next race would be wonderful. How hard is it to add building graphics? Would this be too huge to do and cause a slow-down for the next race to be released?


I don't think the game would have to be rebuilt at all. This would be an expansion and a different direction than the game has gone before, but I don't think anything existing has to change.

Certainly not a small idea. Its an entire baseline of development and then build a chapter on top of that. But I think it will give some new life to a lot of the older players. New looks are possible, in some ways this is a way to start a new city without starting from scratch or abandoning your old one. Going back and forth through a portal between worlds with a new map in a new environment, but starting largely from scratch in the new world. I think I will write a story line that pulls some of this together and see how a more thorough explanation sounds.