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Help Selling portal, impact on guest race goods


New Member
Hi, I just completed fairies and am about to sell my Fairies portal. However, I've also stockpiled some Fairies guest race goods (Ambrosia, Night Essence) in case I need more streets before unlocking the Fairies streets. What happens to those stockpiles? Since the portal provides the storage capacity, will they now disappear?


Well-Known Member
Make sure to wait for the "sell portal" quest before you sell your fairies portal. As Sandstorm said, you keep all the goods. You may want to write down how many you have for future reference.


New Member
Got it, good to know. It's weird though, that you can keep them even though the portal is gone. Where are they being stored??


Well-Known Member
There is, unknown to many, a deep ravine just out of the city. If you look to the southeast you see the trail leading across a arch over that ravine. In the woods there, just off the screen, is a giant hole. In it, tirelessly working, are about a million orcs moving things around, storing them and generally keeping track of them. Of course, since they rarely get asked to return them, being orcs, some are "lost." But like the banking system, there are always enough reserved to cover any of the occasional "recalls."

And now you know....."the rest of the story."