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Sentence Game


Less liberal LGBTQIA lavatories
lack licentious lovers.
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following "nosey nancy"

Operating outside oppressive opinions often opens ostentatious oracles
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Chef - loquacious one
Wonder why Wally whistled without warning Wanda why we weren't walking?
Wanda waited while we went with wagons.
When we whispered "Why would Wally whistle without warning Wanda?"
Wally wondered why Wanda was waiting.
Wanda wondered why Wally was whistling.
Wanda wondered when wagons went.
Wally watched Wanda waiting.
Wally whistled.
Wally's whistle was warning Wanda we went with wagons.
Wanda wished Wally wouldn't whistle.
"Why?" Wanda wondered. "would Wally whistle?"
"Wally whistles warning Wanda we won't walk?" Wanda wondered.
Wanda wasn't waiting. With wonder Wanda whistled.
Wagons waited.
Wanda went with wagons.