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Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
Your very welcome TomatoeHu, I enjoyed making it for you.

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That's very kind of you to offer, thank you. I am the temp. AM in two FS, AM in a 3rd & Mage in 2 others. Perhaps just my name & the realms?
Khelonaar, Ceravyn, Felyndral, Arendyll & Elcysandir.
Laochra is Irish for warriors.
I have Irish, Mohawk Indian & European ancestry (fascinated by my Plantagenet predecessors). My favorite color is turquoise & my avatar is from Final Fantasy.
Perhaps this is enough to make something up?
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Nice work sir squirrel, I'd love a signature. As you can see by my player name i'm a big fan of James Bond. Loved the music of the 70's and 80's. Traveled the World and the USA. Love cats and hummingbirds. Was an avid outdoors explorer. I served in the Air Force during peace time duty was Jet engine mechanic. Live on my computer these days, live in Phoenix Arizona. Fav. movies Star Wars, Star Trek and anything Superhero. Funniest thing on TV has to be Big Bang Theory. Laughter is my favorite thing about life. Think you can come up with something with all this info??? lol Sure appreciate artistic types like yourself, and thx in advance if you decide to take this challenge.