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Solving Spire Encounters


But if you are counting clicks, it is faster to fight spire and faster to cater tournaments.
This is what I keep telling people too.

Thanks for taking the time to share your catering strategy, @Moho. It’s a little different than mine, and different methods are always nice to hear.
It's true, and I realize that solving the encounters that I happened to handle in those examples was not really spectacular. I wish I had come across some more memorable situations. But maybe I'll post some more in the future. Thank you for your nice words.




Well-Known Member
@Moho ,
of the most recent pics, most you seem to have gotten Really lucky , on try 1 alot.
Most ppl have criteria , where on try 1 if not met, they back out and try again. It
would be helpfull to see some examples of those or harder decisions even tho
there may not be more possibilities. There are possibilities on try 2, that basically
say.... 10% on try 3, uhh no , start over .......lolololol

Coins/Tools are always there, so for me it boils down to 1/2/3/4/5/6 other choices.
If you fight the 1st 5 encounters, then cater then you skip 1, and start with 2 for the
rest of level-1. Gates are 3, and MushMan is 4.

Your example of 4 +C/T , of the 5 picked... 4 were NN and 1 was WP... leaving
only 2 left with 2 trys to go...... gee shocker there what ya did.....

then for 5 +C/T , again you got 4 NN, and 1 right.... leaving you 3 left with
4 slots open and 2 trys...... pretty good odds there for you, again......

Both those encounters I'd say were no brainers after try 1, can you post a
few of the 3/4/5 +C/T, where you really have to work for it thru all 3 trys ?
Maybee a few where you back'd out , and why ?