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Solving Spire Encounters


Well-Known Member
Yeah that wrong placement is an erroneous assumption by the player, and not a game bug.
then I'm confused, are you saying the 4,2,1,3,5 is wrong ? or that the code somehow
can ammend that, cause starting spot of troops is critical to a good outcome.


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Just a quick question on genies, since you mentioned them. Do genies ever give portal profits? Does anyone know? I have 4 genies but I've never put them out ... don't ask me why. Saving them for something special I guess. (I also have 2 wws in storage since chapter 5, lol.)
And they give diamonds! :D


Buddy Fan Club member
that the code somehow
can ammend that
According to the Wiki here placement of troops is the same for all players in any battle. They have 2 pics in that section that may help make it clearer:
If I were getting something different than this, I'd take screenshots and send in a support ticket.
This is not what determines which of those troops would 'go first'; that is determined by the initiative of the unit and its placement. If all 5 are the same unit, (ex: 5 archers), then the order is 5,4,3,2,1. If there is a 3/2 split of units used, the order is determined by initiative , then placement. Ex: Archers/Frogs with Archers in positions 2,3 and Frogs in positions 1,4,5, then the order will be #3Archer, #2Archer, #5Frog, #4Frog, #1Frog.
I have never seen that order change.
I have seen players who get confused by the dogs/frogs. The only dog a player has is Cerebus. Enemy has access to both Cerebus and Hellhound. Those enemy Hellhounds have an initiative of 7, Cerebus has initiative of 9, and Frogs have initiative of 8. So, Cerebus goes before Frog, Frog goes before Hellhound.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
then I'm confused, are you saying the 4,2,1,3,5 is wrong ? or that the code somehow
can ammend that, cause starting spot of troops is critical to a good outcome.
It has not changed since I started playing in Mar. '17 and I haven't heard anyone say it was different before then.
Enemy has access to both Cerebus and Hellhound.
In tourneys and spire, the enemy only uses Province Units. We cannot make any of those troops and they can't use any we make. So, they only have hellhounds. Tourney and province clearing used to have the same troop types. Province clearing hasn't changed in what they bring. In each province type they can bring 2 units of 1 class, 1 unit of another class, and 1 of a third class. Of these, 1 is a unit we can make in either the training grounds or merc. camp. For example, in the silk province they bring both the Cerberus, Hellhound, Enchantress and Steinling.


Buddy Fan Club member
@Yogi Dave
Sorry I wasn't clear about the map provinces being the only place you will see enemy cerebus. I had my mind on this post and this one.
The explanations between those 2 posts (where it was mentioned about the differences between spire, tourney, and provinces) seemed to miss the point that cerebus goes before frogs, hellhounds don't. That second post link started with '...I don't have hellhounds...' so I tried to condense the info here and present it slightly differently hoping it would be easier to understand.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
@BrinDarby I am saying players who thought it should go 1,2,3,4,5 made a wrong assumption.

its happened more than a few times, quite irritating.....
Could this be in the Spire with multiple waves? The order switches in the 2nd and 3rd waves and will not follow the order you initially picked them.


Well-Known Member
nope, in tournament .... the one that comes to mind was I picked
cerebus,cerebus,cerebus,frog,frog ... so that the frogs flanked the dogs...

what it gave me was both frogs, then the 3 cerebuses ...