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Starfleet has Openings on 2 Starships! 10 chest tourneys! Silver - Gold Spire!


New Member
Are you interested in a Fellowship that gets 10 chests weekly in Tourney? What about earning Diamonds, with weekly Silver Spire rewards, and push weeks for Gold Spire? Then come join one of our Starfleet Starships!

We are part of the Starfleet family of fellowships. All our fellowships require boosted goods only. In Sinya Arda we have Starship Relentless, Starship Stargazer and Starbase Sigma Alpha. We are actively recruiting for Starship Relentless and Starship Stargazer.

There are two types of Starfleet fellowships in Sinya Arda:

A Starship is a fellowship that is very active and competitive in their world. This fellowship will participate in most of the competitive events striving to improve their performance and increase their ranking. Starship Relentless has a minimal tourney requirement of 1200 points. We also do periodic pushes for spire gold. All are expected to be in the spire weekly and do second boss or higher in a push week. We actively pursue fellowship adventures and the spire. Starship stargazer has the same tourney requirements but is not requiring spire at this time. Both are 10+ chest tournament fellowships.

A Starbase is a fellowship that is designed to be more laid back with members with a tournament minimum of 90 points and only regular visits and boosted goods required.

When joining a Starfleet fellowship you are joining a family. We are in all worlds. We try to help our family members move between our fellowships, as we know real life demands change. We also offer field trips between fellowships to allow members to test drive a different fellowship in the family.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our fellowships. If you would like to join us, please message Penelope305 or tpabird. We look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you aboard!

Archmage/Captain, Starship Relentless