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Teleportation Option for Evolving Buildings

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
To be fair, it was snuck in the backend of the release notes and not easy to see

@helya the mods on the EN forum are saying this was not supposed to be active until version 1.134 and leaked out with 1.133 and may not be stable on the Live servers and they have asked people to not teleport until it is officially released.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
Do the artifacts go back to inventory then?
Any artifacts that are acquired through an event, the spire or crafted in the MA go the inventory. The level that the evolving building was evolved to gets teleported. In the screenshots my level 10 witch hut stay leveled, while the extra witch hat artifacts are in the instants section of the Inventory.



Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
Really? Sounded confusing to me, like she was showing where the artifacts from the teleported evolving building would go. So not clear at all.
It seemed like @Torcuato’s question was implying if you teleport an evolving building where do the artifacts go, like it some how gets split apart between artifacts and evolving building. So, I tried to explain the difference between teleporting an evolving building and simply acquiring an artifact visually through my screenshots. Sorry, if my answer was confusing for anyone that was not my intention.
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Oh Wise One
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