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The tournament combat system: full circle.


Well-Known Member
I thought about posting this in the old tournament thread but decided a new thread is appropriate. You may recall that I was an advocate of the new tournament system back when I was in CH16 because I was finally able to finish first on Ceravyn a couple of times. Fast forward to me at the end of CH18 and I did it again last week and might do it this week (64x6 17280). I push my martial and productions AWs and I am one purchased expansion short of max. 3xDA, 2xUUU, 2xMMM, 2xELR. My monastery is maxed out.

The level 4 troops make all of the difference. This week it was mostly the Orc Strategist II. It was still expensive in terms of troops and time. It will be a few weeks before I can recover my troops and I'm not sure when I will take the time to do another run. It takes me a lot of time because there is a lot of manual fighting.

I call this full circle because I think the players that dominated in the old tournament system can dominate again. They have multiple brown bears and lots of armories so their troops can recover a lot faster than mine.


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As someone who used to dominate in the Tournament before the changes, I can assure you that no, I cannot do it again, even with 2 Brown Bears. The troop cost once I hit round 30 is ridiculously high, and takes 50-60 regular squads to fill just one squad in one of these Province rounds. Losing 100 squads of troops in 2 Provinces isn't my cup of tea.

That being said, I'm relatively okay with settling for top 20. There have been a lot of new names in the top of the Tournament rankings since the change and no one is dominating anymore. I think this means more players feel like they have a chance to get that coveted spot. If this keeps other players in the game, in the end that will also make for a better overall experience for me. Would I like to be top 3 every week? Absolutely. Is it a game breaker for me anymore? No.
Do I still whine about it sometimes? Maybe


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This is P64 R6 (5 regular squads). Clearly, I am WAAAY behind in AWs.. I do like your attitude about around sharing the glory.


Oh Wise One
The enemies you are fighting in both screen shots are still only 3 stars. Have 4 star enemies shown up yet? And if so, at what point in the game do they first show up? I am very curious about this since I am thinking about building a settlement and actually starting chapter 16 once the fellowship adventure ends. And once I start ch 16 I will most likely keep going the rest of the way.


Well-Known Member
Some L4s show up in ring 17, Not in the tournament or spire for CH18. When they show up in the tournament, it is yet another reason to slow down!!!