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  1. Reduce the base tournament encounter timer

    Suggestion Reduce the base time that we wait between rounds of the tourney from 16 hours to 14 hours. Premise Getting sufficient sleep is important for health, and in the US (and yes, the EU) large portions of the population are chronically under-sleeping. For some of us, that problem is...
  2. sam767

    The tournament combat system: full circle.

    I thought about posting this in the old tournament thread but decided a new thread is appropriate. You may recall that I was an advocate of the new tournament system back when I was in CH16 because I was finally able to finish first on Ceravyn a couple of times. Fast forward to me at the end of...
  3. Tournament change or bug?

    I've been waiting for an steel tournament like forever, when this new tournament started, I see it's a steel one, finally. So I start doing encounters and then I realize that they are not giving me and steel at all but instead I get random artifacts of all sorts. Is this a bug? Or is this what...
  4. Latest tournament changes

    Some of the new tournament rules was a bad idea. The announcement says that the change in the relic distribution was made so new players can collect relics faster. However, I don't think this achieves that and the new distribution system makes it essentially impossible to target a specific...
  5. Veterans are leaving the game, why??

    There are two central reasons that are leading many players to stop playing, and recommend the game to friends and family, and both reasons are associated with changes in the tournament. 1st - The first and most important reason also happened because of the first change in tournaments. The good...
  6. Fellowship Adventures

    It would be very nice if once you've completed one province, the game would automatically bring to the next province for you to complete.
  7. Cayesavegan

    Traveling together in the TARDIS

    TARDIS Travelers is still looking for marble, crystal, and gems players if anyone needs a fellowship. We're pretty chill. KP exchange threads, decent tournament (6 chests) and spire participation (1st high halls), fair trades, chatty, daily neighbor help. We currently have 12 active players; so...
  8. Caribbean Kat

    Highly Ranked FS Seeking Active Adventurers

    Get here soon and get settled in for a fun ride for the upcoming FS Adventure. We are very competitive and successful in Spire(Silver every week), Tourny (11+Chest Average}, Adventures(Top 5) and KP Swaps(6 VERY active chains+ bonus scouting), so only fun, well rounded players need apply...
  9. Luckyland recruiting

    Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 103103 and would have one or more of the following boosts: planks, elixir We average 7.8 chests per week and would love to reach 10 weekly or monthly. We have a solid core of 15+ active players, a few newbs, and a few that have gone quiet. We’re very...
  10. Looking for Active Players

    Looking for active players for Nobel Dragon Kingdom. Must have a score of 100K or higher able to score 1500 a week in tournament and participate in the Spire of Eternity. We are building a 10 chest a week fellowship. Serious players only please mail MadMax99X
  11. TanaCS

    Newly founded and ambitious!

    Hello! We are The Underground. Everyone on board so far has game experience and is looking for like minded indoor join us. We will be weekly spire gold and 10+ chests. We will participate in the FA, but not crazy about it Message me on E world or send an application!
  12. Cayesavegan

    We need you!

    Fortunate Sons is recruiting and we could really use some players who want to trade and play the tournament. We've lost some of our active members and cut out the inactives. We're half full and could accept a small fellowship merge if anyone is interested. We reeeally need silk boosted players...
  13. Knights of the Nine (seeking 1 person)

    you can check our fellowship stats here: http://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/11589 Just like many fellowships, we have quite a bit of turnover, but we do have a strong core of friends who make up the leadership. As a fellowship, we are prioritizing tournament players over anything else...
  14. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  15. FS going for 10th chest, what tour is best to try?(and other advice plz)

    Hello all! My FS is wanting to try for it(10th chest/blueprint), and need the advice of all you experts here! so Plz any advice or tips...lay them on me=)) like which tour is the easiest one to try and go all the way with? Thank you so so so much for any info<3 <3 <3
  16. Tournament Catering Data Project

    The purpose of this Thread is to collect Data on Catering Costs for Tournaments. Each entry should be in the Form: Chapter, Squad Size, Goods, Round, Province, Round, Encounter, Costs Where Chapter is the Player's Chapter at the time of the Catering. Squad Size is the current Squad Size...
  17. Recruiting For Elves of Twilight

    We are an active,friendly, and helpful mixed rank Fellowship seeking a single recruit. Although we have members of many different Ranks and Chapters, we are currently looking for a someone to be a Trade Partner for our other High Ranked players. Ideally, we are looking for someone with at...
  18. Shellizzie

    Has your FS gone all the way?

    In the Tourneys :) Our fellowship would like to open all of the chests so I would like to pick the brains of anyone who's FS has opened all of the chests. I know it can be done! Our plan is to plan ahead and pick a tourney and go all the way. So how did you do it?
  19. Tournament Points - Ranking Points

    Hi, I remember another member posting about this, but unfortunately I can't find the thread anymore. The issue is this: players with the same amount of Tournament Points receive a different amount of Ranking Points. I think I remember someone saying it isn't supposed to work this way and that...
  20. Enough is enough

    To all other posters here: (Also posted this on the beta-forum) Perhaps we haven't always been in agreement, but generally speaking I found that the players here have been trying to get themselves heard. And over all I've enjoyed the posts and discussions. However, player feedback seems to have...