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Tournament change or bug?


New Member
I've been waiting for an steel tournament like forever, when this new tournament started, I see it's a steel one, finally.
So I start doing encounters and then I realize that they are not giving me and steel at all but instead I get random artifacts of all sorts.
Is this a bug? Or is this what we should expect from tournaments from now on?
If it's a new thing, why say it's a steel tournament then???

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
This started three weeks ago with the elixir tournament and it is still called a steel tournament because it uses your completed steel provinces. And yes, until they decide to change things again, this is how it will be.


Well-Known Member
MUST comment on the huge change to the Tournaments! Understand that the new way is a boon to newbies. A big one. However, for those of us who are veteran players, it sucks. There's now NO incentive to do "push" tourneys where a FS works together to get higher than 10 chests. I know that now I only start with 18 chests on the first day and from then on only hit the ones with relics that I need. And I don't ever have the chance to really stock up on relics that I desperately need. So, that changes my entire city growth. NOT FAIR. Others are apparently doing the same thing cuz I see that our usually tourney high-level FS is now just down to only 6 or 7 chests.