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  1. Tourney rewards do not match listed

    I am not sure but this whole tourney has been like this. It says the prize is 4 KP. I complete the round and ended with two. See tourney banner and round banner. Am I off? Is this a "bug" or is there a rule I am not familiar with?
  2. Current Steel Tournament

    I may be going crazy but was not the last tournament Gems and the next should have been Marble, as all past tournaments have gone in order? Is this a mistake or an unannounced change or am I having a dementia event?
  3. Tournament - Elixir Edition

    Hello there, please share your thoughts and ideas about upcoming tournament here. Personally I have no idea how to beat an elixir province (Human race), so any kind of advice would be helpful. I've read Mykans fighting guide but I can't understand why mortars are key unit for this one.
  4. tournament NOT started

    Hi, After the delayed update I logged in to see a message that there had been problems with the tournament, and it had to be restarted, giving players who already had started some spells as compensation for the trouble. Then it ends with: let the tournaments begin. Except that the tournament has...
  5. Tournaments

    Was there a change made so rewards are inconsistent across chapters or worlds/servers or is this a bug? Today i noticed a change in the tournaments. I just completed my third round through two tournaments in two different worlds. In one I am now post Orcs, Chapter 8 and the other early into...
  6. no kp reward for finish tournament

    I finished one tournament with 6 relics and 6 KP as reward. I got only 6 relics. I happened already twice.
  7. can not see neighbors that joined tournament

    based on the scores in the provinces that I conquered in the tournament that started today, a lot of neighbors must have joined in, but I can not see them
  8. Tournament rewards

    I am puzzled about how the tournament rewards work It seems that the only ones that provide runes are the first 2 and all the others just provide relics and kp's. I made a real effort this tournament to reach level 4 in 6 provinces but while I got runes in level 3 and level 4 of the first 2...
  9. Tournament Metals

    What are the purpose of the tournament metals?
  10. Tournament Awards skipped

    Completed 2nd province. No award. Province showned none completed. Got the KP Got the 4 relics repeatable quest. Thought I would play it again Reloaded side quest Went to province. It showed completed. did not get a notification of award at any time but may of.
  11. Fellowship participation in tournaments

    The tournaments are a great new feature, but many of us have found ourselves playing solo because active cities on the map are so sparse. I'd like to propose fellowship participation in tournaments. I have only a few provinces where I'm not alone, and I can't get very far on the checkpoints...
  12. Question on tournament battle damage calculation

    Hi all, I see some results in the tournament which I cannot explain with what I know of the Elvenar battle mechanics. Scenario: A full enemy squad with 65 Archer II units attacks my squad with 17 Sorceress III units (full squad was 18 units). Result: The enemy hits me for 73 damage with -90%...
  13. Tournaments

    Someone suggested, in the "Tournament" thread, that it would be nice to see what neighbors were playing in the tournaments.... Would it be possible to show that on the world map, say, something that is similar to what everyone sees when they open a tournament. Just make the icon a different...