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They shot the tournament feature in the foot


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If your looking for fault your always gonna find it . If your looking for problems they are always gonna be there. If you try and remember the game isn't centered around you....it's always changing and it always will.
It may not meet all your needs and it might not make you happy........but it is free, and no one's making you stay.
If that's not enough to make you happy ............try swinging on a chandelier
And yes that's my opinion....


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MUST comment on the huge change to the Tournaments! Understand that the new way is a boon to newbies. A big one.

However, for those of us who are veteran players, it sucks. There's now NO incentive to do "push" tourneys where a FS works together to get higher than 10 chests. I know that now I only start with 18 chests on the first day and from then on only hit the ones with relics that I need. And I don't ever have the chance to really stock up on relics that I desperately need. So, that changes my entire city growth. NOT FAIR. Others are apparently doing the same thing cuz I see that our usually tourney high-level FS is now just down to only 6 or 7 chests.

You absolutely can push for a given type of relic to get more of that relic, but the strategy is different.
Instead of pushing 1 week in 9, you push different amounts each week, so that your last relic is of the type you want.
You also can do 6 rounds of the relic you want but fewer of the other relic types (probably 5 rounds).


I rarely visit, much less write in, the forum. Man, you guys are vicious. Am UN-encouraged to offer my thoughts from now on.

I had a similar experience. Years ago I posted on the forum and my comment criticizing an event was ripped to shreds. I deleted my comment and haven't posted much since. Folks here are brutal! You criticize the game and are told to suck it up or quit.
Sigh... the only reason I haven't quit this game is because of the friendships I've built in my fellowship. I continue to play because the game is a major social outlet for me since I have a disability and like many during this pandemic, it helped with social isolation. That doesn't mean I'm ok with the tourney changes or the difficultly of the new/recent chapter settlements. I'm trying to hang on long enough for things to change, because change is a constant with this game.
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Relics for crafting? I've only used Combining Catalysts and Spell Fragments for crafting. Relics go to production boosts.

Grid Gypsy

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Relics for crafting? I've only used Combining Catalysts and Spell Fragments for crafting. Relics go to production boosts.

They're talking about the Production tab. Relics are used to create CCs along with the other spells. Spire alone doesn't supply enough CC when your MA is constantly crafting.