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Tournament defaults to the lowest window with an open province


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
Now, where did we debate this, was it Beta, or EN Forum? It was a while ago, fell flat because one player said they prefer to do tourney in reverse order.
Yep, I do it in reverse order...going to the end (1 click) and moving backward. The only thing I've noticed is that when you do the last (or first) province on a page it doesn't know to open the next (or previous) page next. So you do (in either direction) the 8 provinces on the page and have to click on "next page" (or "previous page") to do the next province. The coding to change pages if you know the direction the player is working in, isn't hard, and I'd like to see that more than anything. But that's just me.



From Mod description of the process the initiative goes into committee where it must compete with a bunch of suggestions from a bunch of servers.
My take on that is that it is not just a matter of winning a majority (or supermajority) of votes but that the number of votes count as a measure of gamer interest to be measured against the interest shown to other initiatives.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I think the number of votes on the forum only helps it get moved up as one of the ideas proposed from this market, esp if there are a lot of ideas proposed in the same period. After that, it has to survive the council of CMs. I am convinced the CM of Tonga always votes to block our proposals to kill them. From there, only a handful of proposals emerge from the CM round out of all the markets to move on to the devs, so it's very Hunger Games, but not really anything we as players can do but spectate. helya has said she does hold back proposals if it's a crowded field to give it a better shot though. My Default Trader View proposal got 49 YES votes, which is one of the higher vote totals, but it still went to Tonga to die like most proposals. I am inclined to think the number of votes won't make much of a difference in the CM round. I think it only determines if it makes it out of the US market, like if it's very close between the YES/NOs, then we have to hash it out to be clearer so it leans more YES or else it doesn't even leave the forum. I've only managed to get one proposal forwarded to devs so far and I'll even make mockup screenshots of changes I want to make. It's a very tough process!

(I also drove by my first Spirit Halloween this past weekend. It's only August!)


New Member
I'm coming late to the discussion but I noticed that it seemed as if This happened for me. I pulled up the provinces screen and it went to page 3 which was the first page with open provinces. Obviously I'm not very high level.