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Using diamonds and why are the supplies used too?


Hello Everyone,

So I have been using diamonds to upgrade if I am missing coins/supplies or whatever is necessary. But I noticed that when I use the diamond, the upgrade also consumes whatever inadequate supplies I have left. I 'thought' it was either use supplies OR diamonds. I didn't realize it was going to suck in everything available. Is this just how it is?

Thanks ahead of time.



The diamond cost only makes up the difference. So if you would of had even less resources, the diamond cost would be much higher. Essentially, the diamonds are used to buy the missing goods. Whenever you see a diamond cost (techs, productions, upgrades, etc.) that is what it is always used for :)


The hammers, goods and population you currently have, will get used first, and the cost of diamonds needed to upgrade will be reduced by what you already have. So it will cost more diamonds to upgrade a building if you don't have any goods supplies or population.