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  1. FAR2019


    I know the game needs to generate profits and selling diamonds is obviously the way to go. I just can get around the idea that people of low income resources does not have the same opportunity to fully play the game without having to spend money. I started playing couple years back and my...
  2. Majestic23

    What should I get with my diamonds?

    I have been saving up for a while, and I have 700 diamonds! What should I get?
  3. Forum Easier to move

    It would make it so much easier to move things around if we have no room to move. Like a storage box so that way we can storage things to move our city around without deleting things. And also it would be nice if we can earn land easier than buying it. Some people have a hard time fighting in...
  4. New Ancient Wonder

    Design an Ancient Wonder that can only be bought with Diamonds. Limit levels to, for example 4 levels What the Ancient Wonder would only give are Diamonds for each level it is upgraded to, for the production. Example, level 1-takes 4 days to produce 1 diamond level 2- takes 3 days to produce 1...
  5. bought diamond package with worker, worker not given

    I am currently playing in 4/5 worlds, E A W K, but not F yet. In my first world, E, I bought the 1100 diamond plus bonus worker special. No problem, I received both diamonds and worker. When I created my cities for worlds A, K, and W, I bought the same offered special diamond and worker...
  6. Show Me You Are Right!

    I have been reading the forums regularly for the last month. In so many places, people are asking, no begging you to make battles more strategically winnable. You put time and effort into something people can't use and enjoy. Why? What is the point of battles that can't be fought? Why...
  7. Using diamonds and why are the supplies used too?

    Hello Everyone, So I have been using diamonds to upgrade if I am missing coins/supplies or whatever is necessary. But I noticed that when I use the diamond, the upgrade also consumes whatever inadequate supplies I have left. I 'thought' it was either use supplies OR diamonds. I didn't realize...
  8. Let There Be Dragons, Fighting and Fun

    1. In looking ahead, I was surprised to not find dragons. Are you going to have dragons? You could have dragon partners to help you fight, build, scout, feed, hatch, grow, dragon duels or battles with other players, the possibilities are endless. First you have to find and get the egg, then...
  9. Diamonds amount in beta game

    I just noticed you can pay the $80 in the beta game and get 14,000 diamonds, but in the other worlds you get only 11,000 for the same price as beta. Why is that?
  10. Buying Diamonds

    Has any one else been getting reports of problems buying diamonds in the last few days?
  11. Diamonds purchase and costs incrementing

    So, I bit the bullet and bought a small amount of diamonds just to increase the land because I am not patient and was out of room which stunted growth. I thought I had it figured that I could get FIVE city expansions based on the initial cost of the expansion but unfortunately discovered that...
  12. How many snowflakes are being offered?

    The new offer of snowflakes with the purchase of diamonds does not say how many snowflakes you get with each purchase. The number of snowflakes will influence which purchase I choose and whether or not I will choose any at all. I won't buy blindly. Anybody know?
  13. Using Gift Cards

    A fellowship member is asking me how to use gift cards on US1 I believe that you would use the Voucher tab... can anyone confirm this? Thanks! :)
  14. Can't Place Magic Residence

    When I try to place a Magic Residence, I am offered the confirmation to spend the diamonds, I click to place it where I'd like it to be, and it appears to place and "begin construction." Then I get an error popup "Sorry, an internal error occured. Please try again later.". Clicking it refreshes...
  15. Marketing Ideas

    Diamonds don't cost Innogames anything, so how about creating a monthly special? For example: This month only get X number of diamonds plus 25 workers and a secret box for $9.99 Create an incentive for people to buy at least once a month. Another idea is to give players free diamonds on their...
  16. Builder's Hut

    Is there anyways to upgrade the Builder's Hut besides the diamond method?
  17. Buy Your Way Through Orcs? The Beginning of the End?

    So from what I can tell, you pretty much have to buy your way through the rest of the game once you hit the Orcs. You can't produce what you need to even build another rally point without diamonds. I've played this game for close to a year now. Put up with a lot of crap. Worked hard to build...
  18. Fellowship Perks

    I was wondering if perks for being in a fellowship could be enhanced? Like I am the Leader and would like to run contests or reward active members. So letting us gift things like Knowledge points, ruin stones, diamonds, supplies etc. I know you get some stuff by visiting but again rewards are...
  19. Missing Diamonds

    7/4/16 I attempted to purchase 1100 diamonds for $9.99. I got a message that it didn't process. However, my PayPal account shows that the money did, in fact, get sent for the diamonds. I contacted PayPal about not getting the diamonds I paid for and they will be contacting the game developers...
  20. 1 Time Payment

    Hey guys! I'm new to the game but have been having a lot of fun with it. I've been recommending it to all of my friends who also enjoy gaming. I recently got to the end of level 1, and I realized that in order to progress with some of the quests or the world in general, I NEED to have...