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Weekly Tourney - Where have all the MMs gone?


New Member
I have done 3 rounds to province 17 and can see what I will get in round 4. ZERO MMs. Why have they been removed? Or is it just I'm special? They need to be brought back. We do NOT need a bunch of relics, especially since we often already have 10, so we end up getting ZERO. This is another dilution of hard work. It is hard to be excited about playing when most recent changes in tourney have clearly been against the advanced/experienced players.


Well-Known Member
How many times/ways are you planning to flog this issue? You have been directed to the Gems tournament calculator, and several of us have pointed out there are a total of 6 MMs in between round 5 and round 6 if you solve at least 9 provinces. There may be more in end of tournament rewards, depending on your fellowship.