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What is your city name and why?


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I was set up and framed.


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I've driven past signs for it a handful of times, and found it whimsical. There's a Little Sodbury and an Old Sodbury, too.

It was either this or Birdlip.



Well, it all started when I started watching this netflix movie series.... Im sure some of you can figure out the rest.... ;)


New Member
"Platinum Leaf Outpost"

- Platinum Leaf is my FS on the beta-server, dedicated to help other players. I have chosen to start a new city on the US6-server, to help a group of players getting started. And I love to do that.

Yogi Dave

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☕ ~~ B ~~ M ~~ ☕

My FS is Fresh Air with Coffee and I always want my coffee, hot strong and black. Hopefully the coffee emoji is visible to all. I always want my builders to be ready to work hard and fast, so the B. Plus it's the only buff that stays until used and doesn't have a limit. Coins given to the main hall only saves 20 visits, but I'm on enough times a day that I don't have 20 visits before getting the coins from it, especially since some people always buff culture. I don't need much in the way of culture boost, but getting some is fine with me. Last, I think the ~ characters make the B & M very visible to a quick glance at the name.


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My cities all have "Tetris" in the name somewhere, because optimizing for space is such a huge part of the game, and because I can only dream of being able to rotate buildings.
Talvi Tetrisopolis is the biggest of the bunch. Tetris+metropolis. Talvi = winter, for the sizeable winter village currently in play.
Tetrisburg is the human city, because the faintly steampunkish looks reminded me of Germany.
Tetrisville is the second elven city.

Deleted User - 849777001


"Isla Neva"... Arendyll
"EileNiche"... Elcysindar


== City Name.jpg Because I'm a roleplayer and I wanted to stay in character whilst indicating the type of NH I wanted.

I started with a Settlement mind and worked my up through Hamlet, Village and Town to City.