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World map Centers

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
I ran into this

Seems moving day has always been a topic of discussion.

That is way out of date and from 2016.

Here is a list from April of 2019, and it is still not totally accurate, as it does not even include Harandar yet:

US1: katiel is center, Kenyon is at 11 o’clock

US2: mirndyme is center, Malc is at 7 o’clock

US3: Nanabarb is center, emlem is at 3 o’clock

US4: chrisendor is center, runesong54 is at 3 o’clock

US5: Starcaster is center, Conrad is at 1 o’clock

US6: Knucklehead is center, CelticSkye is at 7 o’clock

US7: Briggette is center, scarlot is at 7 o’clock

I also ran into a big problem with verifying these cities. On Arendyll, I did a player search for both katiel and Kenyon and could go to their inactive cities, but when I clicked on the world map button to go to the map outside their cities, it instead took me straight back to my city location, This makes me think Inno's plan to remove cities from the map and archive them, rather than deleting them, is working, as it seems these two do not have a place on the map any more, but still exist.


Tetris Master
I know I am towards bottom right (04:30ish) of the map on Sinya Arda. By going to 25% page zoom, I get the images below. Empties to my east and south, fully occupied to my west and north. I have previously scrolled around the whole map.


Just curious, what does knowing where the center of the map is do us?


Oh Wise One
Just curious, what does knowing where the center of the map is do us?
The intent of the moves is to cluster active cities near the center of the map. And to exile the inactive cities to the edges of the world map. Therefore, if you are already close to the center, it is very likely active cities will be moved into your area in order to replace inactive cities which were moved out. If you are an active player on the edge of the existing world map, it is very possible you will be moved closer to the center.