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Recent content by Salator

  1. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    OMG! I could not (and did not) say it better! Thank you for your very clear description of the issue!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Salator

    Forwarded Event Building Rewards

    Well, I am sure I do not have the technical knowledge to give authority to what I have to say....all I know is that it is a real problem for me to get tier for tier trades. I have a small fellowship run by my alter ego in which I am thinking very seriously that I need to ban all cross-tier...
  3. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    It is not about zero and one-star trades entirely....it is about cross-tier trading mostly.
  4. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    Apparently so!!! :confused:
  5. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    Heavens! I would hope so! Guess I should reword my original statement again. Thanks for pointing this out!
  6. Salator

    One Word Reply Game

  7. Salator

    Be Carefull

    OMG! What kind of ***hole would do that???? Thank you BrinDarby for the heads up. Our FS was thinking of possibly becoming "free join" rather than the current "invitation only." Not a good idea, I guess! It is rather impossible to understand why anyone would do that....what is the point /...
  8. Salator

    Something you learned today

    Okay...well, that just blew my mind. Now I have nothing to learn with. :-(
  9. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    I re-formatted my original post to reflect (hopefully) the "template" for submitting ideas for Trader improvements. Hope somebody puts it on the voting list!
  10. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    I think most of us agree that a filter that shows only same tier trades is wanted. However, I would like to add this idea.....how about a filter to block all 1-star trades? I am totally sick of seeing them. How about you??????
  11. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    Thank you Silver Lady! Did not know that there was a template! (I'm a bad girl....should have read the "read before posting" thing...but, I did not I have to shamefully admit! Thanks for getting me back on the straight and narrow! LOL!
  12. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    I'm not too worried about seeing more than 10 trades by the same person....but, I definitely want to be able to see only same tier trades. Now that I am thinking of it....it would be great to block (with a filter / toggle) having to view all those 1-star trades. Yes, yes, yes.....we need a...
  13. Salator

    Trader Improvement

    I would like to suggest the following improvements are implemented in the Trader: A filter to view ONLY same tier trades. A filter to block viewing of all zero and 1-star trades. A checkbox to toggle these choices should be available with the other toggle filters already available at the top...
  14. Salator

    Too Many Portal Profits

    Well, thank you everyone! I have a new respect now for Portal Profits. I'm in chapter 15 where I don't seem to need them....but, with all your good advice, I will hang on to them for later chapters rather than disenchanting them! Thanks again for your wisdom!
  15. Salator

    Too Many Portal Profits

    OMG....I am so sick of winning nothing but Portal Profits in the Spire. I currently have 148 of those blasted things and hardly ever use them. Inno, please, please, cut down on the frequency of Portal Profits! I for one would prefer the time savings prizes instead of the Portal Profit. All in...