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Recent content by Soleil Nightbloom

  1. Soleil Nightbloom

    Fellowship Adventure

    @Astram and @helya, to the best of your ability can you explain why these changes were made? It would help us all better understand (somewhat) the reasoning behind this decision. Please and thank you
  2. Soleil Nightbloom

    Fellowship Adventure

    That’s the million dollar question
  3. Soleil Nightbloom

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Thanks so much :)
  4. Soleil Nightbloom

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    This will help me to be armed with information for my fellowship. Thanks for all your help, I truly appreciate it :)
  5. Soleil Nightbloom

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Thanks so much, @Lady Dastardly and @ed1960 this is very helpful! I’m curious if anyone has figured out the new values for guard badges? Thanks again, I appreciate it :)
  6. Soleil Nightbloom

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Not sure if I missed it or not but, does anyone know if there is a break down of all the recent value changes (bracelet, coins and guard) for the FA? I only have the ones from when they introduced the new Map G.
  7. Soleil Nightbloom

    Too Many Portal Profits

    Those of you who don’t want your PP’s, can I have them? Ever since I got to Ch 15 the Spire and MA are giving less of them. I’ve always saved them and use them to get through chapters, especially in emergencies towards the end of a chapter where the demand of goods increases.
  8. Soleil Nightbloom

    Hello Metro Detroit here

    Welcome to the forum @bretonrae :)
  9. Soleil Nightbloom

    I’m curious

    Welcome to the forum @Astram! I don’t have a sweet tooth either, nice to not feel alone anymore :)
  10. Soleil Nightbloom

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Here is Helya's response to my question:
  11. Soleil Nightbloom

    elvengems gone?

    It looks like the issue has been resolved. Everything looks ok now :)
  12. Soleil Nightbloom

    Complete May Diamond giveaway

    Boss #1: Max Boss #2: Mr. Toad Boss #3: The Terminator
  13. Soleil Nightbloom

    “Accept” button not showing!

    Yes, it absolutely does! I wish some players would play fairly and not break the rules, so there wouldn’t be any need for cooldown periods. Their actions make it difficult for everyone else who are not shady :rolleyes:
  14. Soleil Nightbloom

    “Accept” button not showing!

    Having a hard time finding an answer on Wiki. Does anyone know, Can a player leave a fellowship and rejoin that same fellowship the same day? I resently had a player leave due to their gameplay slowing. They have since changed their mind and sent an application to rejoin and “Accept” button is...
  15. Soleil Nightbloom

    World map Centers

    These steps are for the browser and is how I figure out where I am. Under your avatar in your city, you will see your ranking points beside a Trophy icon. Click that area. Then type the name of the city you want to look up, in your case it would be US6 Mantouf. This will bring you to that...