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  1. sam767

    Elvenar - switching to PP - quick question

    It looks like once my Council Hall is at L3, I can totally switch to PP (I have a lot). True? TIA
  2. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  3. RANKED 11TH *Elvenar`s Protection* is Seeking -

    Looking for a Active player All Boosts - (except Dust) Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score around 30000 to 60000 pls. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and WE ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s swap/strong...
  4. 13th RANKED "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" seeks New Member

    Looking for a Active player with boost in Steel/Planks-Scrolls-M.Dust/Elix. Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score 30000/40000/50000 only. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and Mostly - our members are daily players ...
  5. Elvhenan: Come join a great Fellowship!

    Elvhenan, meaning "place of our people" in the elven language, was the civilization of the elves, or elvhen, in the time when elves were still immortal and the dominant race. Elves and Humans co-exhist in our Fellowship and we welcome all new players..... We do as a Fellowship, require that you...
  6. Trader Now Not Working!!!

    Chat seems to be working in Keepers of Avalon (Winyandor) now, TRADER is NOT. I had a friend online with me. I posted a test trade. Trades outside the fellowship showed up for her, but not mine. I had her post a trade. Her trade showed up for me, but non outside the Fellowship. Hmmm, very...
  7. Battles becoming to difficult

    I play a good bit of turn based strategy games and feel I am not bad at them but here lately I am finding the battles in Elvenar frustrating and making me not want to play anymore. I cant get a feel for damage of the enemy, my troop size seems to always be to small( I have 130size right now but...