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fellowship adventure

  1. Turn Off Fellowship Adventure

    Is there a way to turn off the Fellowship Adventure? I am not part of a fellowship and don't plan on being part of one right now. The Fellowship Adventure isn't something that works for solo players. Can we turn it off or has this been thought of?
  2. ionelle

    New Game Features Fellowship Adventure Bank

    I would like to make a suggestion. One single FA bank for FA event, whereby all the members of the FS badges collected go into one inventory bank instead of individual banks, so to speak. That way, any member can draw from the bank and plug the required badges on any given path and pit...
  3. ELCY - FA City available now to help you

    Hello all, My city is designed for FA support boasting 300-w/s & 240- T1's and Residences for Gold Badge support. Only looking to help in your FA and then I will go back to sleep. So if you think I can help just let me know Silk
  4. Minkari

    Black Pearl Rising has 1 spot!

    Greetings, We’re a fun, top 50 ranked, fellowship, no-drama, helpful and we’re looking for 1 active player of any size. We promote active, fun and friendly players. We don’t mandate participation, but if you’re looking to just park yourself and not play, we’re not the place to do that. We reach...
  5. Crimson Dragons Crew is Recruiting - 1-2 openings

    Elven Stats Link: https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us1/26755 Crimson Dragons Crew is a fast growing, global, level 18, laid-back Fellowship looking for at least one more member to join us before the Fellowship Adventure starts on 06 OCT. We have more than quadrupled our Fellowship score...
  6. March 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Where's the Forbidden Ruins?

    OK, I'm ticked! In the March 2022 Fellowship Adventure, they have Boblin's and Echoes of the Forgotten in the "Tome of Ice and Fire" choices, but not Forbidden Ruins? Boblin's ran extra long, so if anything it could have been dropped. But really, completion units for all three previous Events...
  7. HonuMoana

    Rant May the Pit BURN IN HELL

    I'm done. I've had enough. I will never again play the Pit. Go take your stinking, hopeless, disgusting torture device and just shove it right up there where the sun don't shine. I am personally staggered that you insist on torturing your players with it. I will be honest, on some level it...
  8. Fellowship Adventures

    It would be very nice if once you've completed one province, the game would automatically bring to the next province for you to complete.
  9. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    A Wish List

    My team (Tuatha DeDannann H world) has put together a wish list, things we would like to see in the game. Please be encouraged to add your own "wish" to the list! *An evolving/growing dragon! And since dragons love shiny things, the dragon should give us gold, crystals, gems and mana. People...
  10. Darielle

    Every Item Crafted in MA gets an Arcane Residue Badge

    How about if the Arcane Badge simply required you to craft any item in the MA? A new member of the forum, EssC, suggested this on my Residue Blues thread, and I thought it was a great idea. It isn't fair that there are so many 9 vision vapor, 29 vision vapor, etc, recipes in the MA. Newer...
  11. Darielle

    I've Got The Residue Blues

    Is it just me or is the Arcane Residue badge crazy hard, particularly for new players or younger fellowships? I honestly believe it is only viable for players who are past Dwarves; I can't see anyone in chapters 1-5 making enough combined catalysts to operate the MA day and night and create...
  12. Darielle

    Alternative FA Pit Change

    While I prefer the idea of just throwing everything in the pit, with each badge having a weighted value depending upon it's difficulty, I also want to propose a different alternative (in case the first is unworkable, for some reason). I suggest they have a fourth rotation of sacks of coins...
  13. FA Stage 1 Path requirements

    Orange Path 4 Dwarven Brewery [DB] 2 Treant Guild [TG] 4 Baker's Guild [BG] 10 Carpenter's Guild [CG] 0 Farmer's Delight [FD] 0 Blacksmith's Guild [BLG] 4 Luxurious Falcon [LF] 10 Golden Bracelet [GB] 0 Diamond Necklace [DN] 0 Elegant Statue [ES] 9 Wand [W] 9 Magic Potion [MP] 0 Witch Hat [WH] 9...
  14. Length of Fellowship Adventure

    Our team is trying to plan out strategically for the FA, but none of us remember the number of days. Does anyone know how long the FAs go on for? Thank you so much, in advance!!
  15. question about badges in Fellowship adventure

    This time, when the FA started, it seems that I had badges at the beginning. Are we now carrying over unused badges from previous FAs? That would be so great!
  16. Ashrem

    Helping Your Fellowsip keep track of the correct path.

    This started in another thread here, but seemed like it might deserve its own. It may help your members to keep their paths straight if you adjust your FS Banner to match the colour of the current path. Your banner can be modified as follows (assuming you have a high enough rank to modify it)...
  17. Knights of the Nine (seeking 1 person)

    you can check our fellowship stats here: http://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/11589 Just like many fellowships, we have quite a bit of turnover, but we do have a strong core of friends who make up the leadership. As a fellowship, we are prioritizing tournament players over anything else...
  18. Generic Upgrade

    Currently once an event is complete there is little opportunity to continue upgrading the building acquired. Now that getting the event building through crafting is possible this makes the situation more complicated. I am just entering chapter 6 and I already have 4 different types of...
  19. Spreadsheet for FA 11/19

    I noticed that the new spreadsheet doesn't have as many columns as previous ones. It no longer has "submitted" columns. Have those columns been incorporated into the "InProgress/Completed" columns? Thanks.