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  1. Fellowship Adventures

    It would be very nice if once you've completed one province, the game would automatically bring to the next province for you to complete.
  2. Tournament Catering Data Project

    The purpose of this Thread is to collect Data on Catering Costs for Tournaments. Each entry should be in the Form: Chapter, Squad Size, Goods, Round, Province, Round, Encounter, Costs Where Chapter is the Player's Chapter at the time of the Catering. Squad Size is the current Squad Size...
  3. Province Expansion Issues

    Just doing a sanity check and seeing if anyone else encountered this: I'm playing in Elcysandir and completed the required amount (8) of Provinces to receive the free Province expansion. When the pop-up (that we all love) showed up that it was available, I clicked on Buildings>Expansions...
  4. Opening a Chest and things that go bump in the night

    Can someone confirm a fear? After jumping through hoops and spending days strategizing, building up resources and finally having enough to open this chest, alas, I cannot. It appears that I am one undefeated province away from my goal. I actually don't want to see you say 'yep', but I'm stuck...
  5. Tournament - Elixir Edition

    Hello there, please share your thoughts and ideas about upcoming tournament here. Personally I have no idea how to beat an elixir province (Human race), so any kind of advice would be helpful. I've read Mykans fighting guide but I can't understand why mortars are key unit for this one.
  6. Every time go back to province

    The Battle of Elvenar is depends on two things one Unit and Map.As the game progresses the battle becomes more strategic and more difficult to defeat. And placing of Unit in a best sequences order becomes more important to defeat a very large army. Because One Squad is takes in 3-4+ hours to...