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Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion


Well-Known Member
@Tehya1 Neighborly visits, friend.
I visited all my neighbors already today to do research so that I didn't lose anymore kp because my storage was full, even with an IM. The event just flat sucks for smaller cities. The kp thing is an attemped money grab. Why even call it an event? Call it what it is, a contest, an unwinnable contest for smaller players, and a money grab for inno.


If I remember right, three or four quests later is a spend 20kp, so save them after buying them, if you can.
There are actually four of them - one before the "buy 20" quest (#39), two shortly after (#45 & 52), and one in the dailies (#68).


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
well, given they are recycling old bases and evolves, you’ll prob be able to hang on to the base and finish evolving it...a few years later. lessens the FOMO.


Well-Known Member
I know these are in dailies but really ?????
(2) gain 20 relics ( no or ) in a row, even in 24 hrs your MA only
has 4 cues ...... ohh wait, thats what the sip of clarity is for, gotcha !! :rolleyes:

Edit : ( might want to add Sip & RRs to the Crafting Resources dropdown )

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
The mini game's tactical play style is fantastic. The drop rates for cats/lost items/extra lights is gak awful.

The quest line is an absolute abomination, especially the royal dick move of throwing all the "use pet food" quests in there, which pretty much outright murders smaller players' ability to even participate.
Whoever came up with this event's quest line simply needs to be hog-tied, gagged, and locked in the broom closet once the next event quest line is being developed!

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
It's official! I am so over this event. Simply put, it is horrible! I don't know how anybody thinks it is a good idea to not be able to at least aim for prized you want. This is the only event that leaves me wondering what the heck I left behind in squares not cleared. It is also the only event that gives me zero choice in which prizes I can even try for. At least with the chests I can choose even the choice of not daily prizes along with my chances of getting the daily prize. Same with the board that shuffles the prizes can be reshuffled. That one is a pain but at least I'm not left with no option to even try the ones left that I choose to. This one is a big disappoint to me. I actually decided that since I wanted to gain a bunch of Scare Carriages for Orcs I would go for gold. It is the first time I even paid any attention to leagues and knew I would have to spend some at the end to get gold. Not happening! This is just too much of a cluster__ arbitrary format to leave the prizes in the fog especially if I was to buy more backpacks. Now I'm just joining the several others in my FS who have already quit this event.


Flippers just flip
If you don't like this event, don't play it. Another event will be coming up in a couple of weeks.


Flippers just flip
I did say I am done with it and joining others who have quit so what is your point? And since I have been here for every event I am very sure there will be another one so….
What was your point? The event is not my favorite. It is not horrible. My point is grab your freebies and move on.
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