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Discussion 2021 Misty Forest discussion


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it seems it would also take quite a while to save up 1500 diamonds.
Depends on spire and crafting habits. For me grinding 1500 diamonds takes a little less than 3 weeks. But I am a gold spire craftaholic.

I will never drop 1500 diamonds on the Royal pass at the start of an event. I will wait till the end so I can see the value.
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Lemon Wren

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4. Frankly it just seems that INNO found a way to make sure we don't get as many prizes as previous events possibly trying to force us to spend more. I won't. I will never spend anything on any similar events.

This was my first thought, too, when I perceived this event as more of a grind than other events. Anytime a game nerfs the rng, which can be countered by spending cash, I suspect a cash grab. Which, I get it. The game has to have people spending money or it literally can't survive, but diminishing game play shouldn't be the answer to that.


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I agree with you. When royal prizes first came out in the last event, I looked through the prizes and thought, "wow, three blueprints!" I went ahead and bought the royal at 1500 diamonds only to discover that there was no way in heck I would be able to reach the level to get more than one blueprint. Not only do you have to spend the 1500 diamonds, but you darned sure have to spend more diamonds than that if you want to get all the prizes in the royal line. You can't simply spend more time on Elvenar ... I practically live here and I only got one of the blueprints. So basically I paid 1500 diamonds for it when it was only worth 300 ... and yeah, I got a bunch of other prizes for it, but certainly not worth 1200 diamonds to me. It was the blueprints I really wanted, and I figured they were worth 900 so I was willing to spend an extra 600 for the lesser stuff. Not double that. I learned my lesson. I will never again buy the royal package except on the last day of the event, IF I find that I did exceptionally well and got most of the prizes from the royal that I wanted. Then, yeah, I may in the future, but it doesn't look like this is going to be one of those times.

I agree with your other assessments too. The only thing I'm going for is cats and lights. If I happen to uncover a different chest, I get it. If I have to spend a candle on it, I won't bother. It's no fun to have to pass by what could be the daily prize simply because the non-daily is such a bad prize that the candle is worth far more than it is.

If someone wants to slam you, they can slam us both at the same time. I don't blame you for being unhappy.

(and yes, the events of 2019 were much better, in my humble opinion.)
Where is the "love" button for both of you?


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Well-Known Member
So far I have used (3) 420 pkgs ( in 3 worlds ) , I have 2500+ still in currency
and am on task 56 in all 3.
So far I have earned 56, 57, 53 pts, and @ least (3) Dr.Freakensplines in all
3 worlds, in total 17 dailies.

After being frustrated last year, the forum advise I took seems to be working
somewhat better this year. As with all events now, I only target 3-4 dailies
and thus just collect currency to have a bankroll going. I also am just focusing
on moving to the right, and pass'n on some possible prizes. (GP only strategy)

The royal pass still wasn't worth 1500 diam in my book, I don't have an AshtonPh,
no stash house..... so no helpers, and with no bonus currency it should be interesting
where I end up. Thank gosh for those 2 FA artifacts that I'm prolly gonna need,
assuming there's a FA following this.....

While the PO Box event is my fav, I do like this better than the mindless 3 chests
events, I figure next year I should be accustomed to this event enuff to excell.
This is 1 event that if ya haven't play'd it before, its gonna be a bit frustrating.


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Did they remove the buy kp and pet food quests after everyone complained? I havent seen either for a few days.


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Yep, that's why I don't care to judge people harshly for their opposite point of view and turn it into a personal attack.

But I say let's have a virtual handshake and move on my friend.

Not sure how/where I attacked you personally, was just discussing. I apologize if you took it that way which was not intended.


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Yeah I just hit the 20 kp in all three cities. I am not sure that I can ovecome it in my small city, so I am likely done there. Sucks.