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A Gateway into the Past - Discussion


In my opinion this is an absolutely appalling event. In one of my fs over a third of the players are saying they will not play it as it is not worth the time they have to take. This is a game, after all, not a way of life. It took me visits to three of my cities playing the game before I worked out exactly what was going on and that is after I watched the video. Come back to something simpler please, something that is fun and does not require a PhD to play!

Ariel Greensleeves

Active Member
I don't get how to distinguish good dwarven traders demands from not-so-good dwarven traders demands. Examples, anyone?
You would have to calculate the total amount of the lowest value pieces required for that trade. The idavis video mentions this
Much more sneaky than mechanics where you see that three steps equals 71 chips or 69 chips, or one step equals 30 chips.

Ariel Greensleeves

Active Member
Looking at the daily (random) rewards and the list of prizes, I don't see any opportunities to get parts of the set: Golden wish and Gaming Lounge.
--found them on the daily questline #19 and #57

Also, is the only way to get the Eclipse Bridge to buy the royal rewards package?
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The Golden Wish and Gaming Lounge are quest milestone rewards.

And yes, the Eclipse Bridge is a Royal Prize exclusive.


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Hmmm...if I sat down at a table in the casino and someone greets me with this, I'd feel like I'm about to get hustled. I don't trust you one bit, Thalita! I smell a shark and I'm the dinner! *enters event with very low expectations*


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Hmmm...if I sat down at a table in the casino and someone greets me with this, I'd feel like I'm about to get hustled. I don't trust you one bit, Thalita! I smell a shark and I'm the dinner! *enters event with very low expectations*
The board having tactical value is a giant red herring! So big you could slap someone around a bit with it!
Image "borrowed" from Google images, associated with video "DIY HOW TO MAKE GIANT SWEDISH FISH!!!". I leave the Googling exercise to you, if only so you can enjoy candy-based advertisements everywhere you go afterward.

The real monsters are the bossy people to the right of the warehouse floor game board, but even they can be handled with a judicious yeeting into the bottomless pit that's a offscreen further to the right. Some of us mathematically-inclined players may even attempt to test the "bottomless" part of the bottomless pit. And some of us less-mathematically-inclined people as well, if only to imagine their screams as they get air-time in the abyss into which you "encouraged" them.


Just my opinion but the daily Prizes leave a lot to be desired unless you need Pop/Culture/Mana/Orcs and only the troop instants are appealing to me.
the Set bldgs are just too large for me and since I don't need more Sentient goods this is a pass and a nice break for most of the month.

daily prizes always lacking but someho I always get drawn in to the challange

Ariel Greensleeves

Active Member
Personally, I am excited to strive for a new building set. Seems like we haven't had one in a long time. I have 3 sets and often upgrade them (at least parts) bc they are a fantastic value per square for whatever they produce. And I actually have room for the full set right now!


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I thought that this event might be fun, but now playing it, I realized, that it is pretty much the same like the 3-chest-system. Before I start the event I decide what prices I want to get (main price/ the daily one or some random stuff you can get) and find the best requests for that thing. Than I just have to take that request over and over aka no more thinking involved - just a lot of clicks and waiting. The fog-event is still the only enjoyable one for me. -.-


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I LOVE this event and I thought I would hate it. I was so confused before I started doing it, but once I started, it is very easy. I pick the one that gives 15 or 20% to gain prizes and which one gives me the most points to move toward finish line. ive already won 5 Lunar Factories and have acquired three pieces of the set. I’ve also done the math on what I gain per square from the set and am flabbergasted at the numbers and haven’t spent any money on it.


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I just saw how many coins, and just logg'd out...... pfffft
then I came here.....

That was after watching idavis utube thingy..... and going....
uhhhh so where's the tips & tricks part ??:oops:??
Watching that did me no good... 1 sentence about daily vs GP
and accent/audio was bad enuff I almost couldnt hear correctly.

So, lets start with the board....
Does it reset, if so when each day... same time as daily prize ??

How do you win a daily or GP pts, or is that what the 3 sellers
are for ??? the cards next to cups, do you buy those from sellers

I'll stop there, but any tips/tricks video should have... uhh tricks.
No I don't want the uber-advanced version, but most players
want something more than, "this" is how 2 play, kinda....

I'm stoke'd to have a brainy UI for the game, something different
I would however like to understand it before I start playing it....

I saw Soggy's post/SS ( thks ) but with no context ahead, the info
really wasn't very helpfull.... I keep watching this thread ( and beta )
for actuall conversation about the game mechanics of this event so
I could go in with my eyes wide open, and have a fair shot @ the full
set.... but I guess not.....