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A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Once someone learns how this type of mini-game works, the event is pretty easy, though luck can really make a difference. I have two Beta cities, an older one that is in chapter 17, and a newer one that has the new version of research and is in chapter 7, but started the event while in chapter 6. I ended up at 275 in the big city and 296 in the little one, all because I got so many more of the Lucky Draw cards in the small city. My luck started out so poorly in the big city that I thought I would not even get to 260, but that improved over the final few days, as I finally won some Luck Draws and got the bonus chips from them.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
@Jackluyt I notice on the Platinum Leaf page about the event in the section labeled "Day One Special offer (from previous event):" has the following for the last paragraph:

Don't forget to feed your Ashen Phoenix if you have one - it gives on extra event currency every time you collect a stash on the outskirts of your city!

The Ashen Phoenix gives extra currency for each quest completed, not for collecting event currency.

That being said, I really, really want to thank you, @iDavis and @TomatoeHu for your info about the event and the quests.


Buddy Fan Club member
I will play this event but without much hope of actually obtaining the set. The God of All Random Things in the Multiverse rarely shines upon me so the chances that I can even get through to the end of the grand prize lane are not very good.

I don't mind 'random', but it would be nice if you could be assured of a set of prizes by completing the event and then have the random kick in on the extras.


Well-Known Member
walk through
Please read through the official thread. The best we have regarding a walkthrough, however, is this spreadsheet, which details all the stuff you can get in the event: https://tinyurl.com/36ptuf4r

And this video, which details strategies in how to play the hard part of the event:

The official event video, though can be found in this post

EDIT: For context, this post and the post it was in reply of was a separate thread at the time before it was merged into this one.
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
So I did get the whole set on Beta. I was very surprised to arrive at that point, I didn't really think that I would. So first off, thank you to those who posted spending strategies for best offers, that was very helpful. I was partway along the path that would lead to the very disturbing avatar, with 3 bad offers I had respawning, and 74 DCs remaining. Who knows, I may have ended up with the Dwarven Queen avatar for Beta, if I had gotten up at 1:30 in the morning to check for dropped chips, and see where the League was headed. By the way, I have those numbers, from a post on the Beta Forum.
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