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Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I would go with 2 (I transferred 1 basic factory) and make sure you use all 5 trader spots to complete the chapter and then you can back down.

Mikeledo, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean by one transferred and one basic. One steel and one other? I'll try to use all trader spots; sure seems more complicated this time, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it. :)

I did one only all all the upper tiers, I used the Orange Manufacturing spell and some time boosts when I needed it. I found when I had 2 of each I was running out of items to feed it and was making non boosted base goods which resulted in a huge waste of space in my city. I do have the simia so that helped a lot with the Tier 1 sentient not decaying as much.

I have a decent amount of MMs, so that could be a way to do it and I'm trying to keep my city as uncluttered as possible (the FA sure helped, since I gutted my city ... I don't know why it takes an FA for me to clean house, lol, but it does.) I've got a Simia at level 21; I guess I'll have to build that up, too. Thank you.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I built 2 marbles for ascended goods. (I call them A goods.) That helped though I don't know how much. The main help they give is you won't have to go through as many decays to build up the goods you need. Even with 2, keep them spelled. Of course, you can get more goods by using time instants on the day you need them. If that's your plan you probably only need 1 factory since it can be reused again and again to collect from. But using time instants for goods production might not work as well at you might think. Once you collect them you need to use a merchant to trade them. (You don't use your own A goods.) So, you may need to use instants to get your merchant back to place another order with them. If you have a friend with a stash of the A goods you need, schedule a time both of you will be on. Then you both can send out merchant and the other one takes the trade getting the merchant back instantly and ready for another trade. If you are using instants to get your merchants back or have a friend, you only need one merchant during that time since it's always available. It is a bit easier and quicker if you have a couple of merchants.

When I did the chapter, it was brand new so there were problems with not enough people making A goods and there was the usual imbalance of one kind or another good depending on which world you were on. Now, many people produce of A goods, so there isn't as much a problem of getting your trades taken quickly. I've finished ch 20 and still make A goods to trade and take people's trades. I always take the trades from people who only make 2k or 3k trades. BTW, making A goods, just as with S goods, they become a minor producer of T goods as they decay since you put fewer goods into their production than you get back. It just cost unur which decays into nothing.

I only used all 5 merchants a time or two, but that was more because there weren't enough good producers of what I needed at the time. As more people produced and needed A goods, spending diamonds for a merchant wasn't needed, at least for me.

Since you get your goods as soon as you place them with the merchant, there is a differ etiquette for trading that was suggested by @SoggyShorts, though I'm sure others realized the same thing:
  1. Look for posted trades you need that have a hat by them since that will send the merchant back to the person using that merchant allowing them to use that again sooner then the 6h it takes for them to come back on their own.
  2. Next, place trades with your merchants, hoping someone will take them quickly.
  3. Last, if you can't wait, take trades that don't have a hat. The person who made the trade has already gotten their merchant back, so taking those trades doesn't help them.


Active Member
I'm near the end of chapter 18 now, and I built only one. Used some MM spells and some time boosters, but not many, mainly for the big upgrades. It helped that two of my FS members are almost at the same point, and have different boosted goods, but trading tier A goods does not seem a problem to me. I also used only one merchant, never felt the need to use more. Still this chapter was a breeze compared to chapter 17.


Well-Known Member
I also only used one A good manufactory in Chapter 18, and don't remember it being an issue. I think the pace of A goods production, KP and settlement goods was paced evenly enough that A goods were never a problem.


Unfortunately I cannot access Discord, as my phone number is linked to an old Discord account, so hope a teammate can find this layout that they wanted to see. Thanks to Elvenstats and Elven Architect:

Ch18 Team Spirit.jpg