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Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

Aloura Dannen

New Member
Question, how do I make 'baby elementals". I'm in chapter 18 and have no direction. I'm sure I'm missing instructions on what to do and how to do it. Thanks!


Tetris Master
Here is the layout I am looking at.
Thank you for this layout, I am now starting on this chapter and researching layouts. I know you created this a long time ago, and would be grateful for advice on any changes you made along the way. It uses 35 settlement streets.

Thank you also to @dikke ikke for your layout, using 37 settlement streets. Again, I'd be grateful for advice on how you altered it along the way.

I came up with
layout which uses the same buildings, but only 28 settlement streets.
Given quests only require 6 Welcome Squares, I'd likely wouldn't build the 7th up top.
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Tetris Master
I finished Gate of Dimensions 06 Feb. I have boosted my mana production to catch up with upgrades to S3 buildings, and for the ascended goods manufactory research, and upgrading those buildings to lvl 32. I've finished 2 of 3 at present. Making 914K Mana a day now. So far I'm enjoying the chapter.

Thinking of doing Sprouts, Trader then Main Hall as next research, while I accumulate Mana. Then probably workshops and barracks so I can turn the workshops before delving into the settlements.

I think I have worked out the settlement requirements from MinMax's site, resulting in 100 mill Mana required, about 4 months on todays production, but remains to be seen if I can keep those buildings in place. Likely not. Should be good for seeds, Orcs and Unurium, and S1-S6 resources, remains to be seen how my S7 production will be.
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Well-Known Member
It's in the next column after you unlock the factory upgrades. There's a stack of 4 techs; the top one is the trader upgrade. The 3rd one down is the production boost.
mine says scholar sprouts does this mean i need a plank mfg at that lvl my boost is marble with steel next level thanks

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
@nightrider1 Chapter 18, 19, and 20 each will require your remaining tier 1, 2, and 3 factories to be built and upgraded in order to produce ascended goods. Chapter 18 has the research for all nine factories to make them level 32. Chapter 19 has the research to make them all level 33. And I am sure chapter 20 will make them all level 34. So best to start on them now and then just teleport them until you need them.


Tetris Master
Hi @Jackluyt, on your page I get the next reward for quest 24 compared to what is listed. Reward of 4 power of provision was for Quest 23, so I think the quests and rewards in your list are offset by one. I didn't get the screenshot of quest 23 sorry.


Tetris Master
An update now nearly a month later. I have just finished researching Elemental Hubs, and have now completed all the research I can before I need to build the settlement buildings to produce resources required for the badge production. I am on quest 31. Will do Authentic Residences research next, upgrade residences, and then possibly remove them going negative on population, to fit more settlement buildings, and keeping mana producers.

Did spend a fair amount of Mana and seeds this past month on Ancient Wonders following the rune to KP changes, adding some 20+ levels of AWs. I have upgraded main hall, trader, barracks, and some manufactories , but I still have a number of manufactories to upgrade to lvl 31 and then lvl 32, which will require mana and sentient goods. I haven't been techlocked though, so have still been progressing through the chapter. I am managing resources wise, but am tight on seeds at times, hampering sentient goods production. Not causing delays in research, just not giving me a buffer. The settlement buildings are expensive, so can't build them all at once, will need to gradually complete them.

City layout now on ElvenArchitect

Will remove or move buildings in the south-eastern corner, including temporary roads, and build the 28 elemental park street layout I posted earlier in this thread. I have saved up a bunch of time boosters from the spire, which should assist once I get all the settlement buildings ready. BTG is now lvl 11, Vortex lvl 15. I have enough Portal Profits for 65% of total chapter Humans, Elves and Elvenar, so will build Welcome Squares for the rest and the quests.


Tetris Master
An update 25 days later again, now 7 weeks into the chapter. I just finished researching Gate of Dimensions 2, allowing me to upgrade the settlement portal to lvl 3 and 4.

Shortly after my last post I did hit a tech lock, and poured KP into my Ancient Wonders for a while whilst building the elemental hubs and starting to produce badges. Resources including Orcs, Mana, Seed and Unurium are holding up.

I had saved up lots of time instants, but haven't used them much. Although I could speed up the badges, at some point of the day the GoD sits idle while I wait for elemental hubs to produce elements or medals. I could speed up the medal production, but I'd run out of elements. I could speed up the elements, but I'd run out of Mana. And mana I can't speed up, because I haven't built the mana wonders. I'm hoping production increases once GoD is lvl 4 and elemental hubs can be upgraded to lvl 3 (final lvl).

City layout now on ElvenArchitect

I never did remove the residences, as I needed the population in place to upgrade the manufactories. I have enough population now to upgrade the main hall to lvl 41, workshops to lvl 41, armories to lvl 41 and S2 and S3 manufactories to lvl 32 when I reach that research.

I am on quests 40 and 49. Vortex and BTG are now both lvl 18. I have enough portal profits for the remaining chapter, but have kept the six Welcome Squares for now, to help balance inventory of Elvenar, Elves, Humans, as research drops one, but not the others, so using PPs would feel like wasting resources.

S7 production has been sufficient with one manufactory.

This chapter has been more relaxed, less demanding than Ch17, though is taking longer. I still have another 3,815 badges to produce, which will take me many weeks if not months yet.

Planning next research per below


Tetris Master
So, one more progress update four weeks later, 11 weeks in (started 6th Feb).

City layout, ready for the next Crystal Mfg upgrade, using 231 roads. In-game screenshot for comparison.

Research status, unlocked Authentic Armories earlier today.
TS Research 25042022.jpg

Elementals and Medal production did pick up as I got the hubs to lvl 3 and the GoD to lvl 4. I have also now used a fair amount of time instants, trying to grab any 2hr, 1hr and 45 mins I can make in the Magic Academy. I am making 31K orcs, 111K seeds, 871K mana and 130K unurium per day.

I get into short spells of tech lock, as I can make the KP faster than the medals, particularly now towards the end of the chapter when medal requirements are high.

They changed the requirements for the ancient wonders research. It was 80K seeds and 300 badges each, but now it shows as 120K seeds and no badges, which is a good improvement for me. The 250K obsidian and 250K velvet is the same. Cuts down badge production by 14 days for me.

Vortex lvl 22 and Blooming Trader lvl 21 is helping, and I keep levelling them. In preparation for the high population requirements in Ch19 I have also been upgrading my Thermal Spring of Youth, as Golden Abyss and Mountain Hall are already maxed for population. The upgrade to residences in Ch19 comes after many other upgrades, so current population has to cater for that too.

I also used Royal Restorations to upgrade good population buildings on a per tile basis so I can afford to upgrade the remaining manufactories. Currently working on the Crystal, requiring 75K seeds each, so I can do about 1 per day.

I was trying to produce only Breaking Waves and Fire Tornado trials, as they require 12 of each, and none of the chefs medals, but have now changed to producing them in sequence, as it made my fire elements too imbalanced. When I need to I also use 5hr time boosts to reduce the 8hr element production.

I am on quest 65, and I am prepared for the remaining quests, with enough population for quest 70 to upgrade 3 workshops to lvl 41, and sufficient number of lvl 32 mfgs for quest 72 (3 standard +2 refined +2 precious).

I still feel like I'm progressing, though current calculation is that it will still take me another 48 days to make the remaining medals. I am hoping I can shorten that with time boosted settlement production.

I will do a final post once the chapter is complete to let you know total duration.
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Tetris Master
Finishing chapter 18 today, 28th May 2022. Having started 06th Feb 2022, it has taken 3months and 22 days. From my previous post prediction of another 48 days, I managed to shorten that to 33 days.

I usually go to the top in Spire lately and have been using the 5hr time boosts to finish the 4hr medal production, even though it feels like I waste 1hr each time. I have then used shorter (2h, 1h, 45m, 30m etc) time boosts to hurry badge production which caps out at 2hr queues. 8 hr boosts to hurry element production. I even changed my Echoes of the Forgotten from Orcs to producing the 3*30min time boosts to help it along.

I said a couple of posts further up I hadn't used many time boosts, saving them up, which was true, but now I have used all!

I removed my six welcome squares two days ago I think, when I had made enough. I've hardly used portal profits this chapter, instead using the welcome square production to balance the three types; human, elven and elvenar.

City layout below before I delete more settlement buildings.
Ch18 Ending.jpgimage_2022-05-28_214737401.pngCh18 Ending Ingame.jpg

I will also rush the first research of ch19 to then spin for the event, so that I win Ch19 rewards. The gold I get from selling the settlement buildings (plus gold instants) will be used to buy the 130 KP needed for the first Ch19 research.

Vortex is still 22, Blooming Trader now lvl 26. As the mana requirements eased up, I was also able to upgrade my Mountain Hall to lvl 32.

I am making 26K Orcs, 112K seeds and 1,160K mana and 65K Unurium per day, which has been sufficient, and also allowed Ancient Wonder upgrades along the way. S7 production has been sufficient still with one manufactory. I've even left it empty at times when I needed the Unurium.

I have also commenced constructing my final S2+2 manufactory (Silk for me) in preparation for Ch19.

Happy to answer questions if I've left something out.
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