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Consolidate KP donation buttons in AW contribution window

Serena McTavish

Active Member
Problems: It's too easy to accidentally contribute hundreds or thousands KP by hitting max button. When player wants to contribute an amount between 1 and max, player must hit the 1 button repeatedly.

Potential solutions:
1)Combine the min and max KP donation buttons in the AW contribution window . Replace two buttons with a single button that accepts a number where you can type in the donation amount. See included image below.
2) Add a 3rd KP button , between the 1 button and max button , which accepts a number where you can type in the donation amount
3) Relocate the max button away from the 1 button. This only reduces chance of accidental donation and doesn't fix having to repeatedly click the 1 button. This change requires the least amount of coding.

1) prevents accidentally contributing the max kp amount which could be hundreds or thousands of kp.
2) makes it easy to contribute a larger amount between min and max without clicking on the "1" button many times.

Cons - possible implementaion effort:
Programming changes should be minimal and straight forward for both display and calculations. The existing software already calculates the possible max based on what space is left on the AW and how many KP a user has.

Combining the two buttons circled in the attached image and replacing with a single button requires changes to the display code and would need code to accept data entry.. That button would have integer entry field so that player can enter exact amount. The "free" kp would display over the top of this button and would disappear once used as it does today. The number entry field would accept an integer between 1 and the max amount that has already been calculated. If the player doesn't have any KP, the button would be greyed out or have a diamond cost that's calculated based on the player input. All software would behave as it does today.

Adding a new button could reuse existing code for calculating the maximum amount that could be contributed. The button display code could be reused and modified to included data entry and it would behave as described above. The "free" kp button would not display over this button- it would still be over the existing max kp button.

Relocating the max kp button would require changes to the display code.


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Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
Query: What happens on mobile?
I heartily dislike the idea of opening a numeric entry box on a tinyscreen that's locked into landscape orientation.
I play on a tablet so not as bad as a phone, but maybe a popup to enter the amount of KP with confirm button and the usual ‘x’ to exit? I hate to suggest another popup, but the code should already exist and we’d have more space to see what we’re doing.

Serena McTavish

Active Member
I play on android phone and tablet. On both, a floating keyboard pops up when i click on anything that contains a data entry field. I was envisioning a button that contains a data entry field that requires a number so the numeric keypad would pop up when you tap the button. You would click on the keypad numbers then hit go or confirm. At that point the keyboard would automatically disappear. But that just how i imagined it


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
The easiest way to get interest is to have me be really, really wordy about being for or against it. If nothing else people will come to mark my post "TL-DR", and THEN, say something about what you suggest. LOL! Or maybe I give myself too much credit?

I think it a good idea and have always wondered why the did it as they did in the beginning. Probably they never envisioned people having hundreds of KP to give away at once. The bar stops at 10 and I suspect that's because they thought 10 would be the most anybody ever gave. Then they let it fill with what you "won" and, sure enough, people got hundreds. Just the sort of mistake a new game design could make.

In any case, I'm for it.



Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
It would be nice if our Buddy Fan Club President and the pink Chandelier Swinger with the short arms would perhaps chime in. What do you think @crackie and @muffy.
Oh, not me. The trick is you need to sell your idea to the CMs because that's who votes on them once it leaves here. If you miraculously get 100% of the forum behind your idea, it still needs to get the votes of the CMs to go anywhere or it's just fish out of water. This is like a caucus. People debate. Things may or may not get heated sometimes, but in the end, the CMs are the delegates that vote at a greater convention that decide what gets forwarded to devs. Getting ideas out of the forum is super easy. Getting CMs to vote for yours over whatever other ideas that come out of other markets is super hard.