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"Do you really want to decline the quest? This cannot be reversed"

Add a "Do not show this message again" check box .

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Wanna bet :p
I'm assuming you are doing it for the looks of the building.

Just on an appearance basis, I have to go with human crystal factories, especially at level 15. What's not to like about twin fire breathing dragons with wings.


It sometimes clicks when I don't want it to, so I appreciate the safeguard
I knew if this thread ran long enough we would find the one person that actually likes seeing the message just for the sake of itself!
Granted the solution would be just don't check the box, but the way the question was worded has now had further consequences. ;)
Apologies in advance, I almost let that one go but but but.. I just couldn't. :D


Alrighty now. I am making a naughty and nice list so best beware! I don't want to have to pass by your houses without leaving prezzies ya know. smiles


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YES ! Score ! :)

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