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Event Building Rewards


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Yes, I agree we don't want to make things more difficult with suggestions that will be helpful for the Developers can twist it to increase difficulty - as with the trade quests.

However, I really think they need a T2 building set to balance with the other pilgrim & ruin.
I can't play the game that I want to - Spire & Tournaments - with a Trader flooded with T3 cross tiers. I don't have a problem with them in general, but there is nothing else.

Though if my 49 "neighbors" weren't evicted and replaced with goldmines and if my map wasn't being overran with cities chapter 8 and below, and if all my active neighbors' offers were actually included in my trader, I would probably be fine.

I have been losing neighbors to goldmines and exchanging for small cities for months now and the trades offered are from those small cities - trades 200 to 7,500 cross tiers & some tier offers - but collecting trades of 200 units T1 goods for my city is absurd.

So, perhaps my theft of neighbors and neighbors that are too small to trade in the quantity I need within tier is probably the problem for my city rather than Culture/T3 buildings.

Sorry, little for my little rant - but ......

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
@Genefer and why does your fellowship not help you out, since they are supposed to be your first source for trades? Are you not posting your own trades too or just passively waiting for trades to show up that you need? And since there is always the chance that the trades you need get posted and taken while you are not online, have you tried being online at different times to check the Trader?


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They help as much as they can, but they cannot match the production quantity I need to play the Spire & tournaments to the extent I enjoy.

I'm not sure I agree with the FS being the first line - always - I think it depends on the composition of the Fellowship. My Fellowship's members' chapter level & Boosted goods production ratio requires our larger cities to funnel goods that are scarce within the Fellowship from our neighbors. We trade out - so we can trade in - providing the Fellowship a balance that the member composition cannot achieve alone.

My fellowship helps to the best of their ability, but they cannot meet my city's needs without a negative effect in their city's growth.

I am an all-waking hours insane player, and my sleeping pattern is erratic so sometimes I'm awake during the day - sometimes and night and sometimes I am awake 2 days straight - and I check the trader at a minimum every hour

It is my lack of neighbors and neighbors that are too small that is the problem - and the trader does not reflect the sum of all my active neighbors. I know this for a fact, because I am a culture bonus freak, so I know who is playing and who isn't.

My current goldmine issue also has a negative impact on my potential culture bonus value.
I am robbed of potential trading partners, supplies when I return neighborly help - and a decrease in culture bonus value costs me coins & supplies. I paid for those neighbors too - they are not freely given - I earned them.

Ok - I rant about this all the time lol


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@Genefer do you have a Blooming Trader AW? If not I would advise you to get one and level it up as fast as you can. Once it is high enough you will be surprised how many goods you can get from the wholesaler. I use to hate having to spend my gold and supplies there, but now I’m putting factories into storage and visiting the wholesaler multiple times a day. As regarding your sleep patterns, I think we are soul sisters as you sound just like me to a tee. By the way, welcome to the forum.


The con is asking Inno to change building outputs when it won't stop the problem and it will hurt newer players. Is it really so difficult to refuse to take or place cross tier trades?
*I will vote no.
I never place cross tier I did when I first started my city to get me going n I really don’t like seeing cross tier but to each their own I always thought if u had to cross tier trade u just had to balance your city out better. Now I see why I see players with a lot of moonstone stuff I am ok in T2 stuff silk is my boost n I find scrolls r hard to find so I try to get em when I can plus most of my FS r boosted in crystals so that not a problem


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Talaedraiia, I LOVE MY BLOOMING TRADER!!!! As I said, I am obsessed with the culture bonus, which allows me to produce an average of around 290,000 supplies per bread production, which is the only WS production I use while awake. Producing over a million supplies hourly allows me to purchase all 6 goods a minimum of 3 times each day.

Currently, my Blooming Trader is level 13, but I have 21 Ancient Wonders, so I rotate the upgrades. I purchase kp with my excess coins from my culture bonus to help with my AW research.

For players that do not have the Blooming - I highly recommend building it also, and here is why

Even at level 13 the quantity boost from the Blooming trader & my excess supplies from my culture bonus - combined - I purchase 144,000 T1, 96,000 T2, & 64,000 T3 per day (I am in chapter 15).

At little math

A level 27 Marble factory with 780% relic+ MH boost - produces 3,872 units in a 3-hour production - my daily purchase from the wholesaler is equivalent to:

144,000/3,872 = 37 (T1 3-hour productions)

A level 27 Silk factory with 780% relic+ MH boost - produces 4,752 units in a 3-hour production is equivalent to:

96,000/4,752 = 20 (T2 3-hour productions)

A level 27 Gem factory with 780% relic+ MH boost - produces 4,928 units in a 3-hour production is equivalent to:

64,000/4.928 = 12 (T3 3-hour productions)

I would need a lot more factories in my city to match what I buy through the wholesaler

nativedeer, I have both experienced and observed smaller cities tend to rely on T3 CTTs, and I think the reason is the difficulty in finding balance with factory quantity. For example - 2 Gem factories is not enough, but 3 is too many .... As players move through the chapters - if they pay attention - it becomes easier to find balance. I accept the cross tier from small cities, because I know the difficulty of balancing a small city.


Well-Known Member
Sorry, I got lost in my previous post and forgot to finish my thought

I do not mind CTTs from small cities, because those players are still in the learning phase.

I too have a lot of players in Chap 12+ that trade almost exclusively T3 CTTs. I have stopped accepting CTTs from high chapter players - neighbors and fellow members both, because T1 & T2 are in higher demand (Spire & Tournament) - though it is a fair trade when counting the - cost of T3 production - city space for Workshops, Residences, & Culture to support having the T3 factory & the T3 production - unit for unit I need my T1 & T2 goods.

I do not accept them, because to do so encourages players to rely on the T3 CTTs, which in a trader when the only offers for T3 goods is exchange for my T1 & T2 - if I have to have that dust, elixir, gems..... without any other option I have to either accept the trade or halt my city's activities until there are T3 trades available. So, I do not accept them from neighbors or fellowship members who rely on T3 CTTs.

For those that might not recognize their city's goods production is disproportionate to supply/demand - if your trade offers are CTTs 5%+ of your trades - you should do the math and make some changes to your Tier factory ratio

One thing that confuses me about players that intentional over produce T3 for CT trading is why they chose T3 rather than T2, because the absolute cost of T2 productions and factory/support buildings - is by far cheaper than T3 goods, which only produce a couple hundred more units. Also, the demand of T2 goods is far higher - if the offer is T2 for T1 or T3 I take them, because I need T2 - always
We request a temporary hiatus on building rewards that generate 3rd tier goods. Instead, we request that the rewards the event buildings produce be predominantly 1st and 2nd tier goods.
The current trend of buildings producing 3rd tier goods has created an imbalance in quantities that is forcing cross tier trading for 1st and 2nd tier goods that is unsustainable in the long run.

This will bring the supply of 1st and 2nd tier goods back into balance rather than players having the large quantities of 3rd tier goods they are trying to get rid of.
This solution will bring trading back into some sort of balance, rather than opening the trader to see only 3rd tier goods offered.
This should also stimulate participation in the events, as different good producing buildings will be seen.

I agree with this message on behalf of my entire team! We are an advanced team with almost all of our cities in advanced chapters and all of us are experiencing sT1 and T2 shortages. We are cross tier trading fools at this point with loads of gems to make any pirate blush, and enough dust and elixir to keep the hippies going for a decade. But basic building supplies and decorative silks, crystal for windows and scrolls for record keeping are in high demand! Especially the scrolls...


New Member
Now there are precisely  no quests to Accept a Trade (from fellows or neighbors) and only Wholesaler quests.

This is not true. I'm a newer city (Chapter IV). I have had several "Accept x trades" quests. These quests count any trade (wholesaler, fellows, or neighbors).

There are ALSO "Accept x trades from the wholesaler" quests - and I wish THOSE would go away.


Well-Known Member
This is not true. I'm a newer city (Chapter IV). I have had several "Accept x trades" quests. These quests count any trade (wholesaler, fellows, or neighbors).

There are ALSO "Accept x trades from the wholesaler" quests - and I wish THOSE would go away.
The context for that comment is Event Quests, not generic quests that you can cycle through, or story quests, which are typically not declinable until you finish a chapter. As an example, a quick skim of the upcoming event's quests shows that trade quests are indeed absent, and in their place are only those dealing with the wholesaler [Quests 13, 18, 30, and 50 this time around]

Granted, some of those quests are a bit different for earlier chapter players (lower requirements, alternate requirements), but I've also had a few low chapter cities running during that time. I wish I could fill an event quest by piddling around in the trader for a little bit instead of getting ripped off by the wholesaler


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
This is not true. I'm a newer city (Chapter IV). I have had several "Accept x trades" quests. These quests count any trade (wholesaler, fellows, or neighbors).

There are ALSO "Accept x trades from the wholesaler" quests - and I wish THOSE would go away.
Yes Zoof is exactly right, I meant specifically for event quests.