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Fellowship Adventures 2022

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Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
For a reference on the coin badge, my level 21 Abyss, in chapter 19 with maxed main hall, makes 6 million coins every three hours. I have to collect it twice to make one badge, plus a little left over. That is one whole coin badge every 6 hours.
Oh my freakin heck. No wonder coin badges have turned into the new gold. And to think we used to complain about so many left over ...


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Don't even get me started on ghosts. They are the new arcanes, when arcanes were originally added before they lowered the vv requirement.
They still stunk after they lowered it to 9. More okay and tolerable after Red Panda+Pet Food. :)


Well-Known Member
I love being able to see who I left out when pulling the flag. The placement is horrible. I really don't want players hitting the flag to look. One player asked me if only AMs could see (good idea) and I hesitated to tell him the location because it was in the flag.


Buddy Fan Club member
It's hard to follow specific convos within this general FA thread.
I don't know if the badge requirements were tweaked. I do know that the increase for total coin badges required to complete all waypoints on all paths for all 3 stages increased by 195.
I've had several spreadsheets going since late Feb, verifying info between sources, etc. so I have all the badge info. My response may not have been clear. Others were saying the increased production requirements for the coin badge was causing it to be an issue. I was saying I'm not sure it's the production requirement as much as the path requirements for those badges increasing.
- The number of Coins required for Sack of Coins has also increased to 7.1% of main hall capacity (1/14).
This is what was being discussed and I don't think that is correct.
Jack/Platinum Leaf posted:
I am looking for confirmation of the requirements for Coins - it looks to me like 100 times main hall storage capacity, assuming your MH is maxed for current chapter. Can any one confirm that please.
Just unlocked the chapter, so my MH is upgraded to max Ch17. Looking in the Wiki, a maxed MH for Ch18 would hold 120,000K. That would mean coins required are 7.1% of max storage. If you could get a report of the coin requirements by chapter, you could just compare that to the table in the Wiki to see if it's the same percentage of storage with maxed MH for each chapter.
Except they are not using a flat percent for all chapters. Chapter 19 main hall after both upgrades to level 43 holds 160,000,000 and the coin badge is 6.6% or that, or 10,560,000.


Chef - Head Philologist
To add another datapoint, my coin badge is requiring 1,536,000 coins, which would be 6.77% of the fully upgraded MH capacity for chapter 8. (Of course, since my MH isn't fully upgraded, it's actually 43%, but ya know... :p)

Count Rupert

Well-Known Member
Not sure what it's based on. My coin badge calls for 552k coins for a maxed chapter 5 MH. I entered chapter 6 last night and based on what everyone has been saying, I expected a bounce in the coins needed for a badge. However it has remained at 552k coins.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, every time I have seen someone suggest a badge pool, it gets rejected by Inno because it takes away from the teamwork that FAs are meant to promote. The kind of teamwork where fellowship members need to communicate and be online together and, you know, work as a team to complete the stages. Dumping all the badges into a pool for the AM and/or Mages to just use to fill the waypoints goes against this.
You have a good point, the teamwork is why I like the Fellowship Adventures. I am frustrated this go around and wish we had a pool though. Real life is going through some dramatic changes again. People go back to the office and in our case, some needing to go for tests and doctor's appointments. Fewer players are on line during the day in my group. I guess you can't have it in a happy place for everyone. The pool would be helpful and they are still contributing badges even if they are not the one who places it. It is a complex issue.


Chef - Head Philologist
Not sure what it's based on. My coin badge calls for 552k coins for a maxed chapter 5 MH. I entered chapter 6 last night and based on what everyone has been saying, I expected a bounce in the coins needed for a badge. However it has remained at 552k coins.
That's interesting. Did you complete the Advanced Scouts research? Or maybe it only rolls over for the next badge, after you finish this one...?


Chef - Head Philologist
Yes I have completed the Advanced Scouts research. I have gotten at least 3 badges since I upgraded to chapter 6 and cost remains the same.
Very interesting. They must have snuck that change in, because there definitely was a chapter jump before. I went from 5 to 6 in the middle of the last adventure and the coin and bracelet badges jumped massively for me the morning that I changed chapters. I was really confused at first why suddenly collecting from my residences wasn't getting me a badge every time like it had been.


Well-Known Member
Is that what you are looking for?
yes because your chart shold have a 3rd column.
badges before, badges now, adjusted badges now ....

if it takes more for 1 badge, and more badges are need'd,
then the net gain in resources need'd is compounded.


Well-Known Member
The MPE_IMPROVEMENTS| text was unexpected. Someone forgot a quotation mark...?
@helya -- Is this a known issue, or do y'all need a bug writeup for it?

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.33.19 AM.png


Thinker of Ideas

quite random but i don't recall if this is something new or not.
Map 1 had 1 swirly thing.
Map 2 had 2
Map 3 had 3
When i opened the pit, it went to four swirly s.
After my next webpage refresh.. (still on the pit, obviously) it went back to one swirly.
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